``Where the Bishop is, there let the multitude of believers be;
even as where Jesus is, there is the Catholic Church'' Ignatius of Antioch, 1st c. A.D

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In December of 2010, Fish Eaters grew too big for its britches. Because of a large increase in traffic, my shared webhosting just wasn't working any longer; the website and forum experienced nasty crashes and caused other websites on the same server to slow down to a crawl. So I've moved to a dedicated server. And now I have to pay for it each month. Will you help me do that? To be frank, I'm pretty poor by American standards. Under the poverty line kind of poor. And I have medical issues that require frequent doctor visits and montly purchases of medications (relatively inexpensive, thank God!).

It's sometimes very frustrating running a large website. If only half of the discussion forum members were to donate one quarter a month, there'd be no worries about the costs of running the site as traffic and bandwidth and such are now. One lousy quarter. From only half of the registered forum members, nevermind other site visitors and forum lurkers. But it seems that only a handful of people are willing and able to pitch in -- even though Quantcast statistics tell us that 29% of FE's visitors earn between $60,000 and $100,000 a year, and 34% make more than $100,000 a year. I ask those reading this to truly consider helping out. $20 monthly pledges from a relatively few people would greatly ease the financial burden that goes with running this website and help keep me alive, quite literally.

Why help? Well, hopefully because you appreciate the information on living a Catholic life, and like the news, discussions, games, and fun at the forum. But if you want more reasons to donate, read excerpts from just a few of the great letters I've gotten over the years. The bottom line:  Fish Eaters brings people to the Catholic Church, helps Catholics better understand and practice our Faith in the traditional way, and helps non-Catholics understand what we believe.

And best of all, there've been a good number of men who've written to me, telling me that they are planning on going to seminary, or have gone already and have become ordained, and that their becoming traditionalist priests was, in temporal terms, primarily inspired by FishEaters. There've been so many men who've contacted me in that way that I have a pinned thread at the discussion forum just to keep tabs on them and to ask them to send me  pictures and little bios so I can make a scrapbook of "my" priests (only a third or so of these men are involved in that thread!). I am so honored, humbled, and inspired to keep going by these men, I can't tell you. Praise God!

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Excerpts from some of FE's "fan mail" (senders' names withheld):

I just wanted to send a quick note saying how much I appreciate Fisheaters. I'm a lifelong Protestant who has grown very weary of hearing all the anti-Catholic bias that is typical in certain Protestant circles--some of it quite uncharitable and downright ugly (I'm sure you've heard it all), and for the past year I've been doing some searching around to learn about Catholicism from the mouths of Catholics themselves.

Many of my favorite writers have been Catholics or Anglo-Catholics (C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton); I've always loved chant; I've admired liturgical worship for many years ... and yet I realized I had accepted as given all my Protestant presuppositions, without doing any thinking whatsoever about those points.

But it wasn't until I discovered your site that a lot of my theological biases started to fall away, like scales from my eyes. You were the first to explain Catholicism in a passionate and convincing way that made a great deal of sense to me, and which I could actually embrace.

I've attended two masses now (knowing, of course, to recuse myself from the actual communion!), and I think I need to become Catholic. Though I still have a great deal of trepidation about it, and have plenty of time for prayer and further consideration before RCIA starts up this fall, I can no longer accept doctrines like sola scriptura, or sola fide; the Bible undeniably teaches the Real Presence and the primacy of Peter; the Church Fathers are obviously Catholic; I cannot deny the allusions to Purgatory in verse after verse ... and on and on and on. Once your eyes are opened, you can't make yourself blind again.

Should I actually end up where I think I'm going--into the Catholic Church--your site will have had a great deal to do with that. I'm grateful I found it. Thank you.

 I am not Catholic (I attend a Mennonite Church), but I have spent a great deal of time on the site for research purposes to better understand Catholic thought, culture, and spirituality. Your articles contain a great deal of information on traditional Catholic belief that is understandable and approachable for the average person (like me) who has little experience with the Catholic Church. You have married plain language with the thought of the Early Church Fathers and broaden my understanding of traditional Catholic beliefs.

Certainly, I don't agree with every article I have read, but for me, that's not the point. After spending the time that I have on your site, I think I can better explain and defend from slander Catholic beliefs to those who aren't familiar with them and, at times, adversarial to them. I know you don't view your site as "ecumenical", but, I think by educating others (like myself) on traditional Catholic thought (and not bending to vagueness, and being unapologetically traditional and orthodox) you have definitely taken a step toward broadening perspectives.
Thank you so much for the extreme amount of time you have spent on your website. I was raised Catholic, but somehow fell away from the Church. In the past year, God sent the Holy Spirit to bring me back. I stumbled across your website and have been "addicted" to it ever since. I am amazed by the amount of information you have made available. Having access to this information has renewed my interest in my heritage and the tradition of the Church. I cannot tell you what your website means to me. All I can say is you are an angel, and I thank you from the bottom of my Catholic heart.
My thanks to you and your team for creating this wonderful website. I have been a Catholic all my life and I had no idea how ignorant I was. Today my friend told me it would be good to deal with my difficult relationship with my big brother by " offering it up ". Because I wanted to do this properly I realised that I did not really know how to offer something up. I searched on Google and found your marvellous website. The article on this subject is deeply inspiring. Thank you so much for helping Catholic to live better lives.
I had fallen away as a young teen (sadly, most do in the metro NY area) and found myself in a lifestyle of hard drug abuse and general immorality. I had a near death experience at the age of 18 because of a serious ovderdose.

After this I began to question the existence of our Lord. I picked up a Bible, turned to the last book and read all of it straight through. I had been captivated by the idea that this is only a temporary world and that we would all one day face judgement. A few years later I found myself at a few protestant services and was happy I had found people I could discuss my faith with.

Despite how happy it made me I realized it was lacking and wanted to know more about the faith I was raised in. I typed in "being Catholic" on google and your site was the first result. I immediately bookmarked it and now visit it regularly. I have come back to the One, True Church.

My point in sending this however is not my life story. I want to THANK YOU for creating such an awesome reference for all Christians. My faith has been straightened (as much as can be) and I would not have come back to Christ's True Church so soon had I not discovered your site.
I was raised (very) Protestant but have been seriously investigating whether I should join the Catholic Church. I have been reading all kinds of stuffy theological explanations about Mary, but I couldn't really get my head around it, even though I was trying really hard to understand how Catholics see her.

Then I found your page on Mary - and I get it!!! Thank you so much for your down to earth explanations, they really resonated with me. I finally, finally get the point about why the Blessed Mother is who Catholics say she is.
Thanks so much for all your hard work to keep the site up. I personally really appreciate it. If it weren't for FE, I would have probably never found tradition, and may have never discovered what it really means to be Catholic. I shudder just thinking about it! So, a BIG thanks.
My name is [name withheld]. I just wanted to let you know that I love your site. I have been visiting the site for a few weeks now, and it has greatly enhanced and made more understandable my journey through the Church. I am a convert, having been confirmed last Easter, and I have been through more than enough of my share of Vatican II abuses in various places and circumstances (I live in [city withheld]). I am still discerning my trad/somewhat trad stance within the Church, and your site is the one and only site that has significantly helped me along my way.

I am sincerely grateful for your website! Thank you oh so much for all the time you spent putting this together! I currently am going through the catechesis as i write this, and your website has been a treasure for me during my conversion from Pentecostalism. Please know that you have helped me, and I have very very VERY honestly been bettered spiritually by your website. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
What a great website! I have learned MORE about Catholicism on this site than I did in my 8 years of CCD.

Praise God, I've got a lot more beautiful notes like these...