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Best place in the country (USA) for a Trad Catholic to live?

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--- Quote ---Originally posted by kjvail:
a monastery in the north central part of the  state (near Peru)
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is it SSPX?  I live in Indiana.  I might move to the South in a couple years.  Texas maybe the San Antonio/Austin area, maybe Pheonix Arizona, maybe L.A., maybe anywhere near the border.  Any SSPX near there?


--- Quote from: Vincentius ---I lived in Los Angeles for 27 years before moving to OK. The problem  is you need a map and a helicopter to chase the Indult set purposely at far different places by Mahony.
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Speaking solely from the confines of the L.A. Archdiocese, aside from the Indult at the Mission in Ventura, yes, the Indult that moves from place-to-place would definitely make a person a Roamin' Catholic.

--- Quote from: Vincentius ---I was a regular at the SSPX in Arcadia...
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Relatives of mine were there from the "get-go" too. I came around later... but am elsewhere, now.  
--- Quote from: Vincentius ---I have heard that Bp. Sebastian recently reconciled (became regularized) with the diocese. True or not?
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You "heard"?  From who/where?  Do you seriously believe that Cardinal Mahony (of all people) would receive Bp. Sebastian into his Archdiocese and/or accept his ordination?      From Bp. Sebastian's own site (underlining is my emphasis):   "Saint Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Chapel is an independent Roman Catholic Chapel (the Chapel is not affiliated with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles)   About the only thing that has changed, IMO, is that Bp. Sebastian has changed his tune about the Pope.  He held a Sede opinion before.  Also from his site:   "Each and every Mass and prayer at Saint Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Chapel is offered in union with Our Most Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, Bishop of Rome and Successor of Saint Peter."
Source:   A priest bemoaning Bp. Sebastian's "change" can be read here:   Perhaps Bp. Sebastian has indeed attempted to "reconcile and submit" ... but, by the looks of his own site, I don't see any mention of any progress towards that end.


--- Quote ---You "heard"?  From who/where?  Do you seriously believe that Cardinal Mahony (of all people) would receive Bp. Sebastian into his Archdiocese and/or accept his ordination?  
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From somebody who used to (but no longer) attend Bp. Sebastian's St. Francis of Assisi chapel.  What Mahony wouldn't give (his right arm?) to have a traditionalist prelate defect to him.    That'll be 45 pt. banner headline at the Tidings newsrag.

Perhaps you're right, Bp. Sebastian un-Seded himself and now accepts Benedict 16.

       These people do not know what they are talking about, come the Ridgefield, CT ;). Haha, might be a go. If you like, I can put you in touch with the 17th realeator in the world...


--- Quote from: CampeadorShin ---
--- Quote ---Originally posted by kjvail:
a monastery in the north central part of the  state (near Peru)
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is  it SSPX? I live in Indiana. I might move to the South in a couple  years. Texas maybe the San Antonio/Austin area, maybe Pheonix Arizona,  maybe L.A., maybe anywhere near the border. Any SSPX near there?

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  This is what we have according to the Traditio list
  St. Joseph Catholic Chapel
245 W. Broadway St., Greenwood, IN 46142
No celebrant announced, (317) 888-2030, fax 882-8443
Independent, SU 10 am

Shrine of Our Lady of Good Remedy
10879 N. State Route 39, Lizton, IN 46149
Fr. Paul Petko, (317) 994-5143, 994-5143
Independent, SU 10 am, 1st F/Holydays 9 am & 6 pm, TU/SA

St. Cecilia Church
17440 St. Marys Rd. (State Road 229), Oak Forest, IN 47012
Fr. Dennis Duvelius, FSSP, (318) 636-4478
Diocese, SU 7:30 & 10:30 am, TU/F 7 pm, SA 8:30 am
(this is not accurate anymore, its a fulltime FSSP parish now with its own priest,
I don't know his name. They have mass everyday and the parish is not shared with NO)

Holy Rosary Church
520 Stevens St., Indianapolis, IN 46203
Fr. D. Duvelius, FSSP, (317) 636-4478, fax 636-2522,
Diocese, SU 9:30 am, M-SA varies
(I go here as does Indialatina, and Vox)

Carmelite Monastery Chapel
1625 Ridge Rd., Munster, IN 46321
Frs. T. Balys & C. Borcz, (219) 838-7111,
Diocese, SA 5 pm

(This is the monastery I was referring to)

Mass Center
Route 1, Box 51, San Pierre, IN 46374
No celebrant announced, OSJ, (219) 828-5088
Independent, no schedule announced

Our Lady of the Rosary Shrine
1719 Atchison Ave., Whiting, IN 46394
Fr. Chester Przyblo, ICR, (219) 659-0722
Diocese, SU 2 pm

St. Mary of the Annunciation Church
411 W. Vistula St., Bristol, IN 46507
Fr. James Seculoff, (219) 848-4305
Diocese, SU 7 am

St. John the Baptist
3526 St. John Wy., South Bend, IN 46628
No celebrant announced, (219) 233-5414
Diocese, SU 7 am

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Mission
458 W. Walnut St., Nappanee, IN 46650
Fr. John Young, (574) 773-2770, fax 773-5849
SSPX, SU 3 pm
(I think AdoremusteChriste goes here)

Sacred Heart Church
1020 Capitol Ave., Fort Wayne, IN 46806
Frs. Daniel Leeuw & Tom Shoemaker, (219) 744-2519
Diocese, SU 11:30 am (1st/2nd High), Holydays 7 am

St. John Fisher Chapel
3333 Tillman Rd., Fort Wayne, IN 46816
Fr. John Young, (219) 447-5085
SSPX, SU 9 am, November-April 4 pm

Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission
Logansport, IN 46947
Fr. Ronald Brown, (847) 533-9721,
Independent, monthly

St. Mary Church
2300 W. Jackson St., Muncie, IN 47303
Fr. D. Duvelius, FSSP, (317) 636-4478,
Diocese, TU 7 pm

St. Paul's Chapel
629 E. Louisiana St., Evansville, IN 47711
Fr. James Wathen, OSJ,
Independent, SU 4 pm  


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