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Traditional Vestments Sewing Patterns


I got this note in an e-mail and thought I'd post it here and direct the writer to this thread for possible answers: 
Can you please help me?  I have been asked by a Traditional Priest to make Traditional Pontifical Shoes, Buskins and Gloves in all the liturgical colours, and I have found plenty of descriptions but no pictures or patterns. Do you know of any where or any books that may be able to help me? Any suggestions would be warmly received.
Can anyone offer any assistance? Thanks!

The other day someone posted this over at facebook:

I am very sceptic though since it says "liberal Catholic Church" but the patterns look good.

Also this from facebook.

No embroding patterns though

Write to this person, she might be able to help.

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a book on the subject:

I think I've seen the patterms for sale on ebay.


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