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Latin audio for Epistles and Gospels


I am looking for anyone who could point me to a site/audio files/CD/ anything which has a chant audio of all the TLM Sunday Epistles and Gospels in Latin throughout the year.  I occasionally chant the Epistle for our parish's Sunday TLM and I always get a good two weeks notice beforehand so I can practice.  Last Sunday I was asked to chant the Epistle, spur of the moment due to illness of our regular chanter, and really butchered it. It was very embarrassing!   

I have a great ear when it comes to Latin and by actually hearing it pronounced a few of times I can master it.  Just reading it from a Liber or missal and then attempting to chant it really doesn't work for me.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  God bless.

It's not absolutely the entire year, but they've been updating it as the year goes along:

I've found listening to them also helps my spoken (or more accurately, sung) Latin comprehension.

It's always disappointed me that CDs or other recordings of Masses neglect the Epistle and Gospel; I know that they don't have any really musically interesting settings, but for all its simplicity I find recto tono chanting incredibly beautiful and haunting.

Thank you so much, ForumLurker!  You are a life saver!  I have been trying to find a site just like this one.  With some practice using these audio files, I hope to win back the grace of my parish priest after the mess I made of last Sunday's Epistle.  Again, thank you so much and God bless!

I think this might be what you are looking for.  My understanding is that if you have all the volumes of "Chant Gregorian" you would have the propers for the whole liturgical year.


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