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PCOS and "reproductive endocrinologist"

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--- Quote from: miss_fluffy ---Reproductive Endocrinologists are usually the only doctors who treat PCOS as a disease that requires real treatment.  They do not use birth control to cover it up like the majority of OB/GYNs and regular family doctors.  They actually treat it, and see bringing you back to normal fertility as a way to restore your health.

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This is a major generalization. The Ob-Gyn that I did my training with specialized in PCOS. If there were repro-endos out there who didn't do treatments that were against Catholic teaching I would say go for it but anyone who is doing IVF is an abortionist- unless of course they are implanting every embryo that they create- which they don't.

emanon, you must have stellar insurance, since you can apparently go to whichever doctor you want.  Tell me point-blank, tell my unemployed, 24-year-old, soon-to-be-uninsured butt, to pay out of my own pocket to see a doc who's 1000% in compliance with Catholic teaching.

I go to a reproductive endocrinologist not for PCOS but for thryoid and pituitary problems. I tried four other doctors before I found this guy who diagnosed me. I'm still not happy with him for other reasons, but at least I am better physically.

I have only so many on my insurance to choose, so I can't be picky, and I'm having a hard enough time getting along with this doctor, much less trying to find one that is pro-life.

If I were to stick with only pro-life doctors or ones that don't deal with IVF on other patients, I'd be comatose as my thyroid doesn't even work on it's own without my meds - and my pit gland goes haywire which causes other problems. I have children and a husband who need me - I can't make my health an issue in this matter. No one out there would care.  I'd gladly switch to someone who could deal with my condition if they were pro-life - but I haven't found that person. And I live within driving distance of a major metropolitan city.

In a Catholic world it wouldn't be an issue and I would have more choices. But right now I don't, and I'm sure others don't as well.

I wasn't trying to attack anyone- just trying to do the "right thing" and encourage others to do the "right thing". If at all costs there is no one out there who can help you then that is a different story.  I think you first need to seek out the most Catholic option. Paying out of pocket for something like this will  cost you an office visit and lab work. If you are able to see a reproductive endocrinologist at all you likely have good insurance since this is a specialist and many insurances will not cover specialists without a referral from your primary care.

A regular endocrinologist can cover thyroid/ pituitary problems. If you have a treatment plan that you are happy with then I would transfer your care to someone else bringing the treatment plan with you.

It isn't about who you like or not it is about patronizing a business that kills babies- this is not good. I would think this would be more important to traditional Catholic women.

I love it how Catholic women will march in protest against abortion and then drive right up to a clinic and sign over their copay check to an abortionist. Makes sense, huh????

You can be pro-life and march against abortion, and still be forced to support morally bankrupt doctors, lawyers, companies and products.

Nearly every major cleaning product, food, office supplier, medical corporation, grocery store, pharmacy, utility company, and book seller in this country supports abortion, gay marriage, or contraception. What are you going to do? We have to eat, read, have power and gas, get prescriptions filled, use pens and paper, clean up with sponges and scouring powder, and have health care!

It is deplorable that people choose to act immorally, but unless you are a self-sufficient hermit, I guarantee you that you are also actively supporting abortion, contraception or gay marriage just by buying celery, or paying your electric bill.


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