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Author Topic: A good Benedictine Breviary (Monastcum Breviarium?)  (Read 3181 times)


Looking for:
A Good Breviary
That follows the Benedictine Order as described in the Rule of St.Benedict
English AND latin is perfered,though If it isn't possible English only.
Not very expensive,hopefully around 50 or so dollars

A Good breviary that follows the Benedictine order,in English,No expensive
It doesn't have to be with everything,but it CAN NOT be ecumenical,i want it to be Catholic

Thank you (Bows head)

Edit:Please one in Print and please not the Older versions
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There is a Monastic Diurnal from St. Michael's Abbey Press. It is Benedictine and is Latin English for the day hours. It does not have the nocturns sometimes called Matins;

Or you can start with Laszlo's web site;

Others will come and have more.


Here is the diurnal (no Matins)

1960 Kalendar follows the rubrical changes, but keeps the original Benedictine psalter and other formulas, Vulgata psalms pre Clementine hymns. Latin English

This is an available matins:

It is Anglican, but the Breviarium is the Breviarium, this is English only

I got my copies pre 1955 rubrics Dessain (4 volume Latin only)  for over $200 second hand


Thanks Tim and Glgas I'll check them out

Glgas,I guess your not such a bad guy :) Thank you

Hmmmm...though I wonder how I get Martins.....


There is a Benedictine set of four volumes for Matins, and I don't remember the name but Laszlo will as he borrowed it from the Library. It costs $$ and it is all in Latin from 1200 approx. AD. it would be grand if there were a book for matins but there is not. The one Laszlo has mentioned from Dessian, I think is Benedictine from 1955 but you need to find one.

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