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Author Topic: Scanlon Lesson 2 Answer Thread PLEASE 1 post per participant due Apr. 23, 2011  (Read 2082 times)


Hi all - please post your answers to Scanlon Lesson 2 in this thread once complete and ask any questions in the related discussion thread.,3438303.0.html

Thanks and God bless!
"I suppose the greatest reform of our time was that carried out by St Pius X: surpassing anything, however needed, that the Council will achieve." -- JRR Tolkien, letter to his son Michael, 1 November 1963


Unit One
1. anniversary
2. voluntary
3. necessary
4. legionary
5. contrary
6. mystery
7. remedy
8. testimony
9. study
10. colloquy
11. subsidy
12. augury
13. matrimony
14. seminary

1. The slave/servant is good.
2. The good sons are able to be.
3. to the holy apostles
4. of/to Blessed Mary
5. The apostles are holy.
6. Mary is always blessed.
7. We are always able to be good.
8. A son is to Mary. (= Mary has a son.)
9. of/to the glory of Heaven (or the glories of Heaven)
10. Kingdoms of the earth
11. to the glofy of God
12. We are in the land of the apostles.
13. to the holy land
14. Lucy is with the slave/servant.
15. The son is good to the slaves/servants.
16. Mary is always good to (her) children.
17. The earth is blessed.
18.You (pl) are able to be good slaves/servants.
19. in the beginning
20. The kingdom is able to be blessed.
21. I am the son of a slave/servant.
22. There (or he) is always an enemy of the kingdom.
23. Mary and Lucy are blessed.
24. Lucy is always good.
25. to good and blessed lands
26. Mary is with Lucy.
27. Lucy is able to be good.
28. We are apostles.
29. We are able to be good apostles.
30.  to the glory of blessed apostles
31.  the beginning of heaven and earth
32.  the beginning of the glory of the holy ones (=saints)
33. to the glory of heaven
34  Heaven is a kingdom of saints.
35. They are good servants of Holy God.

Unit Two.
regnum beatum
regni beati
regno beato
regnum beatum
regno beato

regna beata
regnorum beatorum
regnis beatis
regna beata
regnis beatis

filius bonus
filii boni
filio bono
fiium bonum
filio bono

filii boni
filiorum bonorum
filiis bonis
filios bonos
filiis bonis

sanctus apostolus
sancti apostoli
sancto apostolo
sanctum apostolum
sancto apostolo

sancti apostoli
sanctorum apostolorum
sanctis apostolis
sanctos apostolos
sanctis apostolis

servus bonus
servi boni
servo bono
servum bonum
servo bono

servi boni
servorum bonorum
servis bonis
servos bonos
servis bonis

1. I am
2. you (s) are able
3. I am able to be
4. you (pl) are able
5. it is
6. they are able
7. you (s) are
8. he is able to be
9. you (pl) are
10. we are
11. they are
12. we are able

1. sancti apostoli
2. terris sanctis
3. filiorum bonorum
4. beatae Mariae
5. terrae beatae
6. servos bonos
7. filiuim bonum
8. regna beata
9. in terram sanctam
10.  vita beata
11. viae sanctae
12.  tubis bonis
13. aquas bonas
14. animae beatae
15. terrarum sanctarum

1. filius
2. apostolus
3. deus
4. servus
5. caelum
6. regnum
7. gloria
8. regnum
9. principium
10. gloria
11. servus
12. anniversarius
13. legionarius
14. colloquium
15. regnum
16. servus
17. inimicus
18. regnum
19. bonum
20. sanctus
21. bonum
22. beatus
23. beatus
24. semper
ADORABLE Saviour, consider my many wants, and grant me those graces which Thou knowest I stand in need of to do Thy will in all things.

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