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Author Topic: Scanlon Lesson 3 Answer Thread PLEASE 1 post per participant due May 21, 2011  (Read 1479 times)


Hi all - please post your answers to Scanlon Lesson 4 in this thread once complete and ask any questions in the related discussion thread.,3439733.0.html

I'm late posting my answers but hope to do some over next 10 days to catch up eh. Iota scribe and City Smurf should be brining up the rear... so let's keep plugging along... use the due dates as guidance, post the answers when ya got em!

cheers mates!
"I suppose the greatest reform of our time was that carried out by St Pius X: surpassing anything, however needed, that the Council will achieve." -- JRR Tolkien, letter to his son Michael, 1 November 1963

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