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Author Topic: Dr. Robert Sungenis Responds to SSPX Press Release  (Read 1404 times)


PLATTE CITY, MO (8-30-2011) A recent news report implied that the Priestly Society of St. Pius X promotes the scientific theory of geocentrism as a Catholic teaching based upon the Bible. The SSPX holds no such position.
The Church’s magisterium teaches that Catholics should not use Sacred Scripture to assert explanations about natural science, but may in good conscience hold to any particular cosmic theory. As a religious congregation of the Catholic Church, the SSPX holds to these principles and does not teach any solar scientific theory. click here to read more >

The above Introduction to the August 30, 2011 Press Release issued by the USA District of the SSPX concerning geocentrism can be viewed at while the remaining portion of it is seen at  The Release resulted from an article originally published by the Chicago Tribune on July 4, 2011.  This article was picked up by many news outlets including the Los Angeles Times which carried it on August 27, 2011.

The original Chicago Tribune article by Manya Brachear found its impetus in a conference on geocentrism held in South Bend, Indiana on November 6,2010.  The scope of this conference which was organized and headed up by prominent Catholic apologist Dr. Robert Sungenis ( and titled "Galileo Was Wrong: The Church Was Right" (same name as a massive two volume work on geocentrism, the first volume of which is coauthored by Drs. Robert Sungenis and Robert Bennett with the second volume being authored by Dr. Sungenis alone) may be seen at

Dr. Sungenis was interviewed by Ms. Brachear for the Tribune article.  That interview is included in Dr. Sungenis' response to the article, a response which was sorely needed to set the record straight regarding various inaccuracies in the article.  This response is seen under the title "Response to the Chicago Tribune on the Geocentrism Conference: Robert Sungenis" posted at  In addition the response to the Chicago Tribune, Dr. Sungenis has posted a very informative, and much needed response to the above mentioned press release by the SSPX.  This response is titled "Response to the SSPX Press Release on Geocentrism: Robert Sungenis" and may also be seen at

Due to the fact that Dr. Sungenis is perhaps the leading Catholic geocentrist in the world today (His aforementioned book states in the Introduction: "We believe we have compiled the most comprehensive and detailed scientific treatise on the issue of heliocentric versus geocentric cosmology ever offered to the public."), he has come under massive assault by Catholics and non-Catholics alike for his advancement of the Church's traditional position of geocentrism.  Many out of ignorance, others out of sheer malice have done much to smear Dr. Sungenis as a way of trying to undermine his upholding the Church's official stance on geocentrism which contrary to much popular opinion has never been over-turned. 

A good solid review of geocentrism may be seen by going to as well as  In addition,  Christians in particular would do well to visit

James B. Phillips 
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