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Author Topic: "Fish Eaters 3.0" Coming Soon to a Browser Near You  (Read 163 times)


Hi all,
I think sometime this week will be the upgrade to "Fish Eaters 3.0." I've made some really good progress and I am at the point where I can't do much more without porting things to go live. Don't worry about the password thing anymore. I found another way to port password using the current forum database so the history thing doesn't matter. The upgrade should be seamless for you folks. Just take note of the way you got things so when we port we can make changes if necessary.

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I apologize for the triteness of my words, but truly, thanks for all you do.
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Feel trite too, but I echo that loudly: THANK YOU!
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Hey, DS80, are we there yet? It does seem quicker, but at this hour there are quite a few less users and guests,
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