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Author Topic: Unexplained disappearances in and around National Parks  (Read 323 times)


I noticed we had a long thread about the flat earth controversy and because youtube is just chock full of strange and bizarre videos I thought I'd post something on another weird topic I had a strong interest in just a few years ago. A former police officer named David Paulides painstakingly compiled a very large list of disappearances in National Parks that are simply unexplained. Often the cases involve a person disappearing without a trace while being near friends. Still other cases involve small children disappearing for days and then being found many miles from where a small toddler could reasonably walk. A number of the cases seem to be abductions, but in all of them the National Parks seem largely uninterested in getting to the bottom of the problem or frankly even keeping adequate records. In fact Paulides' book was initially written because while researching another topic he was told by the National Parks that they simply don't keep any records of missing persons.

To be clear I have no idea what is going on here, and as you would expect on youtube this topic inevitably gets into ufo/bigfoot territory. That being said I'd be interested in any thoughts on the subject. I'll post a trailer for a documentary based on Paulides' book and I'll also post a video of Paulides describing one of the more famous cases he's investigated. If your still curious just search David Paulides on youtube and you'll find a ton of videos. Again I don't have a clue as to what is going on, but I thought it was odd and the flat earth thread made me remember the subject.

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I have no idea what is going on here either. I have followed David Paulides for years.  He has about 4 books that outline a continuous strain of what cannot be explained, with amazing parallels.  What I like is how he presents the information, without predjucing the cases with his own opinions. 

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Very strange indeed.

There is something a bit similar, affecting mostly male college students along waterways, such as the Mississippi river.
See, e.g., :

Some have called this the "smiley face" killer... but nothing concrete has ever come to light.


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Lots of the strange out there and this way up there on the list.

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Yeah, I think I started a thread on this a while back....Like a couple years ago. Very mysterious and I think it would make a great movie.


The Paulides stuff is really spine tingling. I love listening to this kind of stuff before I go to bed.
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