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--- Quote from: gladius_veritatis ---  Welcome aboard, mate.  This ship gets kind of wild sometimes, but She will never sink, unlike other purportedly unsinkable vessels. 
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And here's what happens if we fall off the ship:         :D

For us Traditional Roman Catholics, dear EO-ex-Angl, there has always been the "Obligation" or a sense of it, to travel a bit before reaching our heavenly goal: the local tabernacle and Traditional Latin Mass site.   Here are the locations in Louisiana where the Holy Sacrifice is offered according to the traditional Roman Rite by Roman Catholic priests, many of them older priests from monastical Orders and Congregations.   Louisiana (70000-71499)

Our Lady of Grace Church (temporarily closed because of Hurricane Katrina)
2552 Kentucky Ave., Kenner, LA 70062
Fr. Morel, (504) 466-2117
SSPX, SU 7:30 & 9:30 am, 1st F 7 pm, 1st SA 8 am

St. Patrick Church
724 Camp St., New Orleans, LA 70130
Frs. Stanley Klores, (504) 525-4413, fax 568-1324,
Diocese, SU 9:30 am, 1st F 7:30 pm

Immaculate Conception Chapel
22986 Hwy. 40, Bush, LA 70431
Fr. M. Louis, SBbS, (985) 892-7227, fax 892-7229
Independent, SU-SA

Regina Coeli Priory
81880 Hwy. 41, Bush, LA 70431
Fr. M. Louis, SBbS, (985) 892-7227, fax 886-7229
Independent, SU-SA

Blessed Virgin Mary & the Maid of Orleans Chapel
Covington LA 70433
No celebrant announced, (504) 833-4428
Independent, SU, Holydays

Our Lady of LaSalette Priory
1775 N. Columbia St., Covington, LA 70434
Fr. M. Pierre, SBbS, (985) 892-7227, 892-7229
Independent, SU-SA

Christ the King Catholic Church
510 N.W. Evangeline Thwy., Lafayette, LA 70501
Fr. Francis Miller, OFM, (337) 261-1225, 234-1431
Independent, SU/W/SA 10:30 am

Our Lady of Fatima Mission
Cornerstone Village, 308 Sidney Martin Rd., Lafayette, LA 70507
Frs. Bernard & Joseph, OFM, (414) 445-4800, (318) 237-3040
Independent, 3rd SU 9 am

St. Philomena Chapel
Holy Ghost Friary, 314 Vincent Rd., Morse, LA 70559
Fr. George McLaughlin, CSSp, (337) 785-0303 (voice/fax)
Independent, SU/TU-SA 7:30 am

Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel
1184 Hwy. 178, Opelousas, LA 70570
Bp. Daniel Dolan & Fr. Angelo Thielen, (337) 543-2215
Independent, SU 9 am bimonthly

St. Agnes Church
749 East Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70802,
Msgr. Robert Berggreen, (225) 383-4127, fax 383-4154,
Diocese, SU 9:30 am

Our Lady of Sorrows Chapel
3475 N. Sherwood Forest Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA 70814
Fr. John Young, (225) 272-0289
SSPX, SU 8 am, SA 4 pm, 1st F 6 pm, 1st SA 10 am

Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament Priory
750 Florida St., Baton Rouge, LA 70821
Fr. M. Eugene, (225) 343-7227, 343-7953
Independent, SU-SA

Thanks for the listing! I have yet to experience the true Mass and this information may help a great deal towards this goal!

Here are some videos.  Unless you have cable/DSL they take a while to load. This is a link to a Low Mass   Here is a link to a High Mass (It's an SSPX link.  I don't agree with SSPX, but this is the only video of the High Mass online I could find.)

Thanks very much!


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