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Author Topic: Eastern Sedevacantists?  (Read 2283 times)


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Eastern Sedevacantists?
« on: February 16, 2006, 01:38:pm »

Is there such a thing as Eastern Rite sedevacantists? Or is sedevacantism only embraced by Latin Rites? Wouldn't their existance be neccesary for a church to be universal?

"..the throne of Peter, and to the chief Church whence priestly unity takes its source..." -St. Cyprian

"...the Roman Church, the Head of the whole Roman world... from thence flow all the rights of venerable Communion to all persons." -St. Ambrose

"You cannot then deny that you do know that upon Peter first in the City of Rome was bestowed the Episcopal Cathedra, on which sat Peter, the Head of all the Apostles for which reason he was called Cephas,  that, in this one Cathedra, unity should be preserved by all, lest the other Apostles might claim -each for himself- separate Cathedras, so that he who should set up a second Cathedra against the unique Cathedra would already be a schismatic and a sinner." -St. Opatus of Milevis


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Eastern Sedevacantists?
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2006, 02:07:pm »

There are no Eastern rite SVs, as far as I know.


However, there is a Bishop from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church who converted recently to the Catholic Church, bringing some of his priests with him (there were 55 under his authority).  He converted to the Church accepting the SV idea, due to the fact that the NO is clearly not Catholicism.


His story can be found here:


It makes sense that there are no Eastern rite SVs, or so few that the Western rite ones do not know of them, as the liturgical insanity which made many look more deeply into V2, etc., did not actually touch them; further, as the Eastern rite Catholics clearly, in some measure, do not even bother about the so-called "Western-oriented" Councils (the last 14 straight or so), it makes sense that most would not bother about V2, either. Many SVs in the West fled immediately to the Eastern rites first, as they wanted a valid Mass.  The Mass may be called the "face" of the Catholic religion, in the sense that this is where most Catholics interact with their religion and its duties.  People saw the "face" was being smashed, so then they started to look more deeply.


As for the need to have them "on board", there is no strict need, although the more the merrier.


Eastern Sedevacantists?
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2006, 03:44:pm »

Yes there is an Eastern Rite Sedevacantist Catholic Bishop,

 Bishop Yuri Yurchyk of Donetsk, Ukraine





He was formerly a member of the Kiev Patriarchate Ukrainian Orthodox Church.  He is thus of the Ruthenian Byzantine Rite which uses Old Church Slavonic. He resides in Ukraine along with several of his priests, who converted from Eastern Orthodoxy to Eastern Rite Catholicism too.


He is a convinced sedevacantist.


I do not know of any other non-converted Eastern Rite Catholics who adhere to the sedevacantist theory. Maybe the explanation by gladius veritatis suffices: they are much more Eastward oriented. Too much in my opinion - at least in the case of Vatican II. But the Maronite Catholics are no longer escaping the sword of Damocles (Vatican II) about their heads: their ancient Syriac (Aramaic) Antiochene liturgies are being revised right now.

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