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Questions About Persecution of the Church in Mexico

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Lately, I have been reading and noticing references to persecution of the Church in Mexico during the first part of the 20th Century.  Can anyone enlighten me with some details on this?

Also, because Trotsky took refuge in Mexico does that mean that there was activity by the 4th International there?  Is this related to the persecutions?

Thanks in advance.

Dominus vobiscum.


Oh, loyola. Thank you for asking!  The Church has been persecuted in Mexico since it got there.  

     The native pagans called Aztecs, Toltecs, Mayans and other native American tribes fought off the Catholic Spanish arrival for a while.  When the Spanish won, the natives were cruelly treated as slaves.  Whites were starting to think that the race of native Americans were not capable of accepting Christ.  If I recall there was also a spanish nun who stopped the enslavement of the conquered natives.  In 1531 the Virgin Mary appeared to the Aztec convert, Juan Diego.   As a result millions of pagans converted.  Other miracles like the Blue Nun ensured the conversion of the pagan tribes to the one true faith.  The line of thought claiming that the native Americans aren't capable of accepting Christ died down.

          As we all know most of this country has been run by Masons since the founding.  Well, when a priest, Fr. Miguel Hidalgo, incited the first mexican revolution that (though unsuccessful) incited another revolution that ultimately expelled the Spaniards in 1821 who were weakened by the Napoleonic Wars.  ( and the wars with Napolean were brought about by the French revolution, and that was incited by Masons)

     When Mexico pulled away from Spanish rule the Americans later went to war with Mexico.  The Mexican American war, around the 1840's, would have been more successful for the Mexicans if Masons hadn't infiltrated the highest levels of Mexico's military.  Afterwords, Mexico's gov't was a puppet and Freemason Washington DC was PULLING THE STRINGS!  Unrest, corruption and anti Catholicism were rampant in Mexico's Mason controlled gov't.  

     Then in the 1920's laws were passed banning religious education, the EXISTENCE of monasteries(!), and a nationalist Catholic Church was founded, but the Catholic peasantry knew better.  Then Masonic US president supplied the Masonic Mexican gov't with weapons and the slaughter began.  

     The image of the Virgin that appeared on Juan Diego's clothes (an image that NASA said should not even exist on the material) was taken down by the Freemasons, they set off explosives on it and even poured acid on it, the cloth remained miraculously intact! (the cloth was made of a peasant's material that wasn't supposed to last more than 40 years yet the cloth that was worn by Juan Diego in 1531 is still existent today!)  My own grandmother had to be baptised in secret, the persecution was that bad.  The peasants had no weapons, but after many battles with the Masonic troops, they had managed to get enough weapons to fight back.   Miracles ensued!  Small amounts of food  somehow fed entire armies of Cristeros, the Virgin and St. George appeared during the battles, the Masonic troops switched over to become Cristeros!

     Protestant ministers praised the persecution of Catholics in Mexico!  Of all the countries in the world only Ireland did the right thing, Ireland cut off diplomatic relations with the Masonic gov't of Mexico!  The leader of the Mexican Freemasons was given A FRIKKIN MEDAL!  His fellow Masons AWARDED HIM for what he did!

     I don't know why but the Church ordered the resistance to stand down, just as they were about to overthrow the gov't run by Freemasons.  The American Freemasons have still been pulling strings, the PRI are a group under Washington DC's control, and for a long time were the only party winning most gov't offices.  But no more!  The current president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, is not a member of the PRI, the current president, George W Bush of the United States is a Freemason, however, and even took the presidential oath on a Masonic bible.

     That's all I can think of for now, but a question lingers on my mind...what are the Masons up to now and what are they conspiring against my countrymen?  One thing is for sure, Mel Gibson should do a movie on this, from a traditional standpoint.  If the movie doesn't do well, I will know that if there is at least ONE person who realizes the evil of Freemasonry, I will be content.

Below I will list the sites I got info from:
Blue nun:

Also, if anyone can help point out the more recent persecutions of the Catholic Church in Mexico, plz do.

You should check out Blood Drenched Altars by Most Rev. Francis Clement  Kelly. I picked this up recently and am I am only a few pages in. The  little bit that I have read is good so far. It is about the killing of  Mexican priest an the persecutions of the faithful. Somebody also told  me about another book called Mexican Martyrdom by Fr. Wilfrid Parsons.  I am planning to check this one after I finish Blood Drenched Altars.

You usually call tell a lib idiot buy his views on pre-christian Mexico. Any honest student of history will know that Aztec Mexico was the most "demonic place" in the world up until Stalin's Russia. I believe the most famous of the Aztec human sacrifices had 100,000 slaves sacrificed in a row. IT was truly sickening. The people that say the Natives of the America's were peace loving hippie always make me chuckle.   Andy


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