Fish Eaters: The Whys and Hows of Traditional Catholicism

``Where the Bishop is, there let the multitude of believers be;
even as where Jesus is, there is the Catholic Church'' Ignatius of Antioch, 1st c. A.D

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Are you a toxic trad?
You might be if you...

treat the Holy Faith like a mere philosophy;

treat having faith as something you've "accomplished" rather than as a supernatural gift;

equate having faith with coming to an intellectual conclusion, and think that your having come to that conclusion will save you (see I Corinthians 13:1-8 and James 2:14-26);

treat with disdain good-willed and charitable folks who haven't come to your intellectual conclusions;

have no idea what Jesus meant when He said, "Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man: but what cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man" (Matthew 15:11)

don't say but act as if "the ends justify the means";

interpret "Extra Ecclesia Nulla Salus" or "Outside the Church there is No Salvation" in a way that means anyone who is not formally baptized and doesn't have explicit faith in Jesus Christ is gonna burn in Hellfire forever and sorta liking that idea;

are OK with turning folks away from Christ, His Church, and Tradition if it means you get to vent your rage;

act as if and treat others as if you have no faith in grace, no trust that people can change, learn, and grow, and, therefore, you hold people's pasts against them;

are really fond of "admonishing sinners" without caring at all about the Church's teachings about whether, when, and how to go about that;

treat non-traditional Catholics as immoral and bad rather than simply uninformed and beloved and, quite possibly, very holy;

think that all women belong only either at home as homemakers or in a convent, no matter who they are or what their gifts and challenges are;

think that anything "modern" is "modernist";

confuse the word "effeminate" (meaning morally soft, lacking in fortitude) with "feminine" (relating to women), don't care about the meaning of the word originally used in place of the English "effeminate" in Sacred Scripture, and ostracize any man who isn't "manly enough";

think not that fathers and husband are heads of their homes, but that "men" are the heads of "women";

believe that "ideas aren't for girls";

love to copy-paste stuff out of context in order to win ("win" being the operative word) a discussion (wait: "discussion"? No such thing! There are only debates!);

treat the Faith in an escapist manner by engaging in LARPing, such as using words in an outdated way to prove how counter-cultural you are (e.g., "courting" instead of "dating," or "maiden" instead of "girl");

think attending TLMs offered "inside the structures" is co-operating with "evil";

get bent out of shape because a "so-called Catholic" like the writer above uses the word "boink, as if fornication and adultery are just a joke," blah blah;

never give the Pope the benefit of the doubt when possible, always interpet his words in the worst way possible, assign motives to him that you can't possibly know, and talk about it all with great disrespect for him;

think that emotions are for sissies and "mere" women, unless it's anger, which is always "righteous" if it's coming from toxic trads;

focus only on Ephesians 5:24 ("Therefore as the church is subject to Christ, so also let the wives be to their husbands in all things.") and forget what comes after in Ephesians 5:25 ("Husbands, love your wives, as Christ also loved the church, and delivered himself up for it"), treating the Church's teaching on the submission of wives to their husbands as a right of husbands to treat their wives like maids, children, slaves, and general non-persons;

hear certain words ("homosexual," "modern," etc.) and have instantaneous and irrational reactions, coming to conclusions -- which you express with great vehemence -- without thinking for one minute;

love to find dirt on people and dish it up;

love to make things up about people or distort things if you can't fnd any real dirt to dish up;

hear what you want to hear and see what you want to see, with what you're wanting being things that really get you mad and, therefore, having to admonish someone;

think "scandal" is defined as "a situation in which one is made to clutch one's pearls" or "a situation in which you pretend to feel 'shocked'";

love to find "scandal" and often claim to be "scandalized";

love to make assumptions and leap to conclusions about things you know nothing about and then proclaim "scanda!l" (e.g., "They share housing? That means they're having sex! Scandal! Fornicators!");

put people into categories of "good" or "bad" and then expect no good from the "bad," and no bad from the "good."  The "good" (certain conservative groups, for ex.) are always right, and the "bad" (e.g., a liberal group) are always wrong, etc. That group-think, identity politics-style gangbanging has no place in Catholicism;

lack a sense of humor;

advocate non-defensive violence;

think it's worthy of a 20-page thread to ask and answer questions like, "Is it OK to sneeze while you pray the Rosary?";

call someone a "radical feminist" because he thinks things like equal pay for equal work are good things;

never say words like "penis" or "vagina" or talk frankly about sexual matters, and frown on such a thing even if the writer writes so as to not incite lust;

equate modesty with ugly or outdated (think "Little House on the Prairie") attire, and force it on your daughters, thereby setting them up to feel like social freaks (who will likely rebel at the first chance they get);

are, if female, a social masochist and denigrate your own intelligence;

think that an occasion of sin for you is an occasion of sin for everyone, and, therefore, accuse people of sinning by putting themselves in near occasions of sin that aren't near occasions of sin for them, but are for you;

hang on to a notion if it "sounds" trad, even though it isn't, and even though you've lost an argument about it but won't learn anything and won't stop arguing;

think of the perfect as the enemy of the good (ex., "Apologist X does most things wonderfully and is almost always right, but he doesn't talk about Y. Therefore, he's a gelded modernist and is a not-worth-a-damn enemy!");

hate homosexuals; think and write as if every homosexual is an active homosexual; think and write as if every active homosexual engages in sodomy as popularly defined; think and write as if all homosexuals are homosexual activists who are out to destroy the Church and Western civilization; think and write as if all homosexuals would automatically have sex with any other homosexual (such that you think things like "two homosexuals should never be left alone together because it'd be a near occasion of sin," etc., blah blah); think about homosexuality only in terms of sexual acts, forgetting about eros, the desire for communion with another, love and affection, and the complexity of human psychology;

accuse people who don't think like you do with regard to the above lines about homosexuals of being "modernist" or "liberal" or "unwilling to call sin a sin" or of having "gone soft," etc.;

are not merely a race realist, but are a supremacist, thinking one race is ontologically superior to another, and are against "miscegenation";

don't just simply know what post-Temple Judaism teaches, understand something about the history of usury and its effects, or about the power of AIPAC, etc., but talk about these things with no prudence whatsoever and think that anyone with Jewish heritage is a nefarious creature, in on some conspiracy, and is automatically damned to Hell;

treat objects as evil in themselves;

treat a woman's wearing of pants as intrinsically evil;

think anyone liking any music but Gregorian chant and maybe folk or country is being immoral.

Pope St. Pius X in his E Supremi:
"But in order that the desired fruit may be derived
from this apostolate and this zeal for teaching,
and that Christ may be formed in all,
be it remembered, Venerable Brethren,
that no means is more efficacious than charity.
'For the Lord is not in the earthquake' (III Kings xix., II) -
it is vain to hope to attract souls to God by a bitter zeal.
On the contrary, harm is done more often than good
by taunting men harshly with their faults,
and reproving their vices with asperity".