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Full Version: "Exsurge Domine" A must read for Catholics
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This site has the "Exsurge Domine" A Papal Bull by Pope Leo X, it is on the errors of Luther's heretical teachings, this is a must read for Catholics.
Please give your comments of support for the document [Image: 09leo_x.jpg]and Pope Leo X.
I remember when I read it the first time, I was surprised at how powerful it was, especially coming from who I considered to be a typical Renaissance "slacker pope". The only unfortunate thing is that Pope Leo only listed the errors to be condemned, without providing explanations why. It would have been a good opportunity to issue a papal apologetic work with thorough explanations from Scripture and Tradition on why Luther was wrong; I think the Pontiff severely underestimated the effect that the 95 Theses would have on history.
I remember watching the fairly recent movie Luther and it had a great scene where the pope was hunting a boar and Exsurge was being read in the background. Pretty cool!
As a side note, and in my humle opinion the film wasn't as one-sided as it is made out to be.
I also liked that movie. Even though it was pro-Lutheran, It wasn't an out and out trashing of  Catholicism.
However, I think if I were a conservative Lutheran I would be annoyed by the watering down of the "Lutheran message" into one of "freedom" which is the sense you get by the movie's end. It is all about "freedom" and not about the Gospel.  
I liked it... it was anti-Catholic, but in today's politically correct times, the only way they could make it "anti-Catholic" was to have all the Catholics be nassssty pre-Vatican II types. Ergo, you're supposed to like the Lutherans, because they spend the whole movie preaching typical insipid protestant claptrap, and you're supposed to hate the Catholics, because they spend the movie saying things like "He's a heretic" and "the heretic must be tried" and "I want Luther to be burnt at the stake" and other such perfectly legitimate, historical, and undisputably orthodox things. Thus, the movie appeals to trads. It also appeals in that it's a really good visual portrayal of medieval life... lots of manuscripts, leather-bound codices, flowing prelatial robes, etc.