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Full Version: An Introduction
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A quick introduction - I'm Christine, cradle Catholic, married to a wonderful convert, with one son who is a seminarian on temporary leave for medical treatment. I'm a music director at our parish, and run a small Catholic artifact business, design websites and write content. I've visited Fisheaters a million times but never realized there's a forum. So, today's my lucky day. My own websites are which, among other things, maintains an archive of Catholic artifacts and which is a guild for Catholic internet sellers - currently on a crusade to get first class relics off eBay. I hope you'll visit both. The Catholic Home and Garden site has some nice resources for Lent and Confession as well as Catholic garden ideas. I look forward to meeting you all.
+ Blessings +
Howdy :tiphat:
Thank you so much for the links!  Your information on the Sacrament of Penance is wonderful!
I needed something to encourage me to go today. 

Welcome to the forum [Image: coffee.gif]

Thanks so much for the welcome. And if my little website got one person into the confessional booth, then it was well worth the effort! 
Cool sites!