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Does anybody have a commentary by a Father of the Church or a Saint on Psalm 10:4  DR  "The sinner hath provoked the Lord:  according to the multitude of his wrath he willl not seek him..."  ?
I recently had a debate with a protestant about God's love being unconditional...   It  seems that this person does not believe that we can anger God, that God has no wrath.   This seems rather unbiblical to me and I have recently seen examples of this thought on this forum, in fellow Catholics, and Protestants.    This person engaged me in a typical manner of quoting scripture to prove their point, which they conveniently misquoted.   It seems there are many examples in scripture where God has been angered and corrected his people by hardships (which I kindly pointed out to my friend).   Which in my opinion means His love is always freely given (when approached with repentance) but it is not unconditional...  Thank you for sharing any thoughts, but if anyone could provide commentary on the Psalm especially, I would really appreciate it.

Yah, there's two actually.
One by Saint Thomas Aquinas...
you can find that here:

but last time I check, they sort of skipped chapters 9 and 10
so yeah, i dunno if they're gonna be included next time

and the other's Saint Robert Bellarmine
the complete title is: Commentary on the Book of Psalms

hope this helps!