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Full Version: Toilet Art
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Having cleaned public restrooms before, I know there isn't anything much uglier and smellier than the men's restroom urinals. WELL! This designer is trying to change all that! Only problem is...I've yet to hear a male say he'd actually USE one! (What's your verdict, Marty? :D ) Check out the link to see his entire collection...they're even pretty when they flush. :lol:
Clark Sorensen has created some of the most amazing and beautiful urinals one is likely to ever see. Each is meticulously hand built and one of a kind - formed from high fire porcelain and fired to cone 10 (2300 deg.). They are fully functioning vitreous porcelain fixtures that can actually be plumbed and used in a bathroom or simply displayed. The show even contains three functioning urinals that you may flush! Clark hopes that his urinals will be put to use in uniquely designed bathrooms around the world. He has a gorgeous Calla Lily urinal in his studio from a previous show that is plumbed and fully functioning.

    Clark has been perfecting his ceramic technique with these pieces for several years. Because of the size and complexity of the forms they must be dried slowly and evenly - taking five to eight  months to complete each one. Achieving such rich vibrant colors at such high temperature has also been a challenge. This will be the first time any of these beautiful flower shaped urinals will be offered for sale. Don't miss your chance to see these exquisite and rare sculptures.

[Image: redhibiscus.jpg][Image: orangehibiscus.jpg]

[Image: laff.gif]  That is so bizarre!!!  Would I use them?  If I had to.  But I'd probably make a mess because I couldn't keep from laughing! [Image: rofl.gif]
M2B Wrote:(What's your verdict, Marty? [Image: biggrin.gif]

I'd find nothing more pleasurable than 'using' one of them.
...they don't call it a pistil for nothing...
[Image: laff.gif]
It's pretty obvious Clark doesn't clean his own bathroom, if these are his great ideas. [Image: eyes.gif] 

We've got boys in our household, and the last thing I want is a flower-shaped urinal with all sorts of nooks and crannies to trap pee-pee!
I can't picture my husband wanting to use one of these; this is definitely a chick thing.  If even.  They would be tough to clean.
Can you imagine the conversation in the men's bathroom?

"So Joe, nice Hibiscus you're peeing in."

"Thanks Bob, love your Calla Lilly."

....flower-shaped? Any other bright ideas?

TradCathYouth Wrote:hmmm......ok....

....flower-shaped? Any other bright ideas?

A beer glassed shaped one. Or one shaped like flames, we could put it out :laughing:
Marty Wrote:
TradCathYouth Wrote:hmmm......ok....

....flower-shaped? Any other bright ideas?

A beer glassed shaped one. Or one shaped like flames, we could put it out :laughing: that is something.
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