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By special request, I am starting a thread here with a post that was originally in the ladies forum.
I have a recipe book from Jo Daviess county in Illinois that has some old time recipes in it. There is one for French Blood Sausage. One of the ingredients is 4 qts. of blood, with instructions on how to get the blood:

Quote: On butchering day, take a pail with 1/2 cup cider vinegar and a wooden spoon. When the pig is killed, be there with the bucket to catch the blood. Be sure to keep stirring while catching the blood. When you are ready to use the blood, be sure to strain it. It will clot some, but that's OK.

[Image: gimmefood.gif]

Now we'll see if anybody else thinks "Blood sausage" deserves it's own topic [Image: laff.gif]
Marisa who's father eats them, what do they taste like? I take it they are not so appetizing?
Blood sausage???
We have it here in Norway too. In taste, it is very similar to blood pudding.
And it is lovely!!! It is strange that so many modern people here don't appreciate traditional foods like that.
We also eat sheep heads, dried and smoked before they are boiled. Fantastic! (this is not so popular among the city slickers, for pretty obvious reasons..) 
I have never tried the stuff because I have never had the opportunity to do so. I wonder what the closest comparable food would be.
I'm pretty sure that catching 4 qts. of pig blood is not on my to do list. [Image: laff.gif]
I usually am willing to try anything once. I tried eating these strange little red octopus things in a salad while in Hawaii. They were too stretchy and rubbery to actually eat. [Image: crazy.gif] I have no idea why someone would throw them in a salad. [Image: laff.gif]
Just to gross out the foreigners? [Image: laff.gif]
Varus Wrote:

It is strange that so many modern people here don't appreciate traditional foods like that.

I think you have to be starving before you can appreciate foods like that :-)

I'll stick with traditional foods like bread, meat (no heads, blood, internal organs, reproductive organs, etc.), veggies, fruits, and dairy, thank you!

Ah, Mattc, we would call that Americanist [Image: laff.gif] 
I think most Americans do not like to eat "uncivilized" foods like that. We like our meat as nice, anonymous sliced portions, not clearly from the head, udder, brain, etc. However, because of this attitude I suspect we are missing out on many wonderful foods which our Catholic forefathers in Europe feasted on! The Scottish "Haggis," anyone?
I do think, though, that there is definitely a line that cannot be crossed. It doesn't strike me as appetizing to eat cockroaches and ants, for example. For that matter, most Asian food that has not been Americanized grosses me out.
I often see things like blood sausage and headcheese for sale in the delicatessen, but I've never, ever tried them. I like sausage, but it had better be mostly meat.  The weirdest I've ever eaten is liverwurst (which I actually love) but I won't touch that other stuff.  >shudder< I'd definitely have to be starving to try it.  I'd say, leave it for the dogs.
You guys are really missing out on a lot! I'm glad I'm not locked to  such a boring menu as you are. What would you do if you visited somebody's house and  they offered something mentioned above?
Try the "weird" things at the deli. That is a good start to a richer gastronomic life!
Yes, I fully agree with Varus. Eat more food that doesn't come out of a box!
[Image: 9138.jpg]Polish blood sausage[Image: kaszanka_110.jpg] Flaki are cow insides. Yummy![Image: flaki_het.jpg]
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