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Full Version: Skynyrd and Hanked....
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Well, Herb and I started our trek to New Orleans a little after noon-time, and had some good chatting
along the way. We went to Bourbon Street, that place of ill repute loaded with many enjoyable
temptations. The New Orleans Cigar Factory cordially stole $10 from me in exchange for a too green,
bad tasting roll of ‘backy. Strolling on down the lane we saw to few dames of enjoyable countenance,
stopped by Pat O’s, viewing only homely females, and hurried to the Oyster House, or whatever name
that establishment goes by in which we ate. We ate more than our fill of fried creatures, and headed to
the Lakefront Arena, where the concert was not being held, looked at the tickets and then hurried to
the New Orleans Arena, which was, in fact, the correct location.

The opening act made me at first skeptical, but I became impressed as the show went on. Lynard
Skynard graced the stage second to throw a bash worth remembering, and being that Herb and I
forked out more than a considerable amount of currency, we were right up front. The lead singer did
the fisti-punch semi-hand shake thing with me, and I am sure he felt privileged. Hanked Jr. shortly
stumbled on to the stage, half singing songs and speaking unintelligible stories about whatever partial
memory of life he may have retained through his apparently alcohol damaged brain. Perhaps he was
whispering his lofty imaginings. Nevertheless, He dropped his pick between his drunken falling
experiences, and being that we were seated where we were, I was able to avail myself of the pick,
which I generously granted to Herb.

After leaving the concert we went to visit Lawrence at “the mansion” and he gave us a tour. We also
met his affluent brother. He seemed a likable chap anyhow. Following that, Herb talked me out of going
to The Street Of Ill Repute spoken of earlier. That man saved me a confession! Mischievousness was in
the air following our departure from “the mansion.” A cocktail or a double tequila chased by a Guinness
would not have stopped there. We made it safely home, and that is that.
Sounds like fun... and I like your florid narration. :)