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Full Version: Indian Runner Ducks
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I need to get some.

My 9 yo son was recently diagnosed with food allergies and the top 3 are wheat, milk, and eggs. The allergist's lists stated that duck eggs are an excellent substitute for chicken eggs for people with allergies. Serendipitously enough, I was at a lecture with someone who knew that Indian Runner Ducks are prolific egg layers and terrible parents. They lay and leave and are easy to maintain. Plus they are 100% adorable!!! They stand up straight like penguins! *gasp*

[Image: indian_runners.jpg]

So, does anyone know a good source for buying a dozen Indian Runner ducklings? I know I can google, but I trust the good folks on FE more than a search engine. ;)

haha, I think Google will be your best bet.
Oh my gorsh! those are the cutest duckies EVAR!
Spooky7272 Wrote:Oh my gorsh! those are the cutest duckies EVAR!

I know! There is a farm supply store near here and I am going AFK to see what I can find out.

I am thinking play pen and kiddie pool! Our backyard is fenced in and the duckies love bugs. If I pen them at night they can lay eggs then go out and play in the yard all day.

Long live happy ducks!
The farm supply store is my only suggestion. Even if they don't have them, they can probably get some in. I had an Indian runner as a child. Dog got it. I've never been the same since.[Image: bawl.gif]

Best of luck and I hope the kiddies (and you) have fun with them.
Kathy, did the doc say anything about goat's milk?
Gabriel Wrote:Kathy, did the doc say anything about goat's milk?

Yes. Drew can have goat's milk and goat cheese. He likes chevre.

Don't tempt me about getting a goat. They are my favorite animals, after Chopper. When we go to the county fair I have to pet all of them. I always get attached to at least one, and they always try to eat my purse. Adorable!

I have made a little headway with duck information. I called the County Extension office and the Indian Runners would do fine in my area. BUT! I live (barely) in the city limits and there is a prohibition against "farm animals." However, exemptions can be made so if the city planner says no, I will have to go to a city hall meeting and request a variance...even though I live across the street from a full-blown working farm. LOL. Plus, area pet stores sell ducks every year as PETS!

We'll see. Is there a patron saint for ducks?
AdoramusTeChriste Wrote:We'll see. Is there a patron saint for ducks?

I think you have your choice of Donald or Daffy - depending on the temperament desired.