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Full Version: Fat (need to lose some?)
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I feel a bit funny posting this (It's not like i'm the picture of health now!) but i figured I might as well. Perhaps someone will wanna know...

I was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeallly fat since I was a kid. I think at my worst (last year sometime) I was around 275lbs or so. I'm only 5-11 so this is well into the realm of obesity.

So around new years this past year I decided that I would try as a resolution to lose a bit of weight. Strangely, I ended up sticking to it. I went from 265lbs in Jan to about 175lbs now. I'm in pretty decent shape now but have decided to keep going now with weight lifting a become a big tool [Image: smokin.gif]

Anyways I, like most people, used to kinda think of getting healthy as some type of magic. Its like I didn't have any idea there there were scientific ways of going about getting in shape. It's really sad that people are so ignorant about this subject. Basically its simple math.

Your body burns X amount of cals per day... You have to take in less cals then this amount to lose. You have to take in more than this amount to gain. Now perhaps I was much more ignorant about health than other people but it being so easy was almost shocking to me.

Now I'm hestiant to post this email below becuase it doesnt really explain the reason for everything that I told my cousin to do. He's in Highschool and didn't really want to know the why of it but more so wanted to understand the how of it. I think it's really important for people to understand what they are doing. I also wonder if this post is completely out of place becuase, weirdly, its been my experiance that traddy catholics are in much better health then the general populace.
Anyways here are some tips I sent my cousin in an email.
Quote:Never eat less then 9 x (your body weight) in cals

ex. if you weigh 160lbs never eat less than 1400 cals
a day. eating less than that will cause you to start
losing allot of muscle, which will slow down your

11 or 12 X your current body wieght is probably best.
so If you weight about 160 shoot for about 1800 cals a day average. gets more complicated. You need to be getting
about 40% of you calories from protien, 40% from
carbs, and 20% from fats. Also, the fats need to be
good fats. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats
are the good ones. Saturated fat is the bad one.

If you dont eat fat your body is like "wheres the fat"
and dosnt wanna get rid of fat
. Get it?

So for your protiens eat
egg whites
all types of fish
black beans have quite a bit of protien too.
If you ever eat red meat boil it for a long time. This
will get rid of the bad type of fat(saturated) in the
red meat.

cottege cheese (both protien and carb)

sweet potato
brown rice
100% whole wheat bread (brownberry is an ok brand)
GREEN apples (red and yellow are almost all sugar)

(basically the greener the as mean veggys
as you want really...a HUGE plate of broccoli for
example has like 80 cals in it. a meal from McDumps
has about 1500 cals)

olive oil
flax oil

A few other tricks...

try and make it so that when
you eat your fats you dont eat it at the same time
that you eat carbs. Eat fats with protien. (or with
something like peanuts you could eat it alone.)
as far as eating fats goes dont over do it. Too little
fat and you wont lose fat but too much you definently
wont lose it either.
literally 20% of your cals from fat in a day would be
1 tlbs of olive oil that day
1 tlbs of flax that day
one handful of peanuts

Thats all it takes to get your 20%

everything else your going to have to deal with eating
it plain. well not plain, just dont add things that
make it unhealthy.
No butter or ketchup (tons of sugar) or stuff like
salt, pepper, herbs, spices, hot sauce, mustard....go

eating carbs and protien together is also fine.
so just not carbs and fats at the same time!

eat at least 4 meals a day (5 or 6 would be better)

so for examlple (a typical day)

meal 1
egg whites

meal 2
olive oil

meal 3
wheat bread

meal 4
sweet potato

meal 5
cottege cheese before bed.

(also throw in as many veggys as you want... maybe
lower the carb intake a bit if you eat a ton of veggys
that day)
You're going to have to figure the ammounts so that
you're getting about 1800 cals a day. You're also
going to have to figure it so that you are getting 40%
pro, 40% carbs, 20% fat.
In the example day above you would eat 200 calories
worth of each thing listed.

drink at least 1 1/2 gallons of water a day. Drink
NOTHING BUT water. Not even juice for now. (just tons
and tons of water. I drink over 2 gallons a day.)

right now for exercise im doing
2 days cardio (50 minute SLOOOOOW jog)
1 day of lifting
2 days cardio
1 day of lifting

ad infinitum.

As far as lifting goes you should focus on big muscles
the most. Legs, back, chest, shoulders.
legs are most important. Bigger your leg muscles the
more fat you'll burn everywhere.

ok if you are really going to start lifting then you
need to employ some type of "post work out" meal plan.

On the days you lift you need to eat less fat and more
If you are going to lift you should get some whey
Within 15 mins of your last rep drink at least 20
grams of whey with twice as much sugar.
(Dextrose is by far suprior to any other sugar you could use)
Yes twice as much sugar. Then about an hour after that eat TONS of
white rice.
If you do this you will recover from wieght lifting in
a day instead of 4 days. But the timing
needs to be perfect.

When you lift lift as heavy as possible with small
Do a weight thats so heavy that you can only do like 7
reps of it in each set. Sounds stupid but it works
better then high weight low reps.

as for cardio, make sure you havent had any carbs
within 3-4 hours before doing it. Becuase of this allot of
people say that you should do it first thing in the
morning. I do it last thing before bed. I just make
sure not to have any carbs before for like 4 hours.
Also dont eat any carbs after cardio for at least an
hour. So you see how this goes. Eat tons of carbs
before and after lifting and none before and after
cardio. If you do you will just be burning those carbs
instead of fat. DO NOT RUN. take it slow. running
burns muscle. Do a sloooooow jog for 50 mins. That
wont burn muscle but will burn fat. My jog is so slow
that its almost like the fasted walk possible.
Seriously I'm probably going 4 miles an hour. thats it.

You could also sign up for the forum at (john is an (censored) but his site
is really inspiring. Look at the pictures on there. He's
taken weekly pics of his fat loss/ muscle gain
transformation for the past 2 years.

Also is a good place for you to start.
For at least two weeks type in everything you eat
there everyday. This will help you to get used to
knowing what to eat. After a while you'll understand
food better and wont need to do this.

If you were to follow all of this advice I guarantee you would get in shape.

How do you calculate the amount of calories on home cooked meals?
Women should definitly follow this advice. I stick to this and after three kids I haven't gained one pound. No one can understand how I stay so small and yet never seem to watch what I eat. I think they mean I never starve myself.
KyrieEleison Wrote:How do you calculate the amount of calories on home cooked meals?

This is just a guess, but I'm betting that three home-cooked, authentic, tasty, Polish meals a day well exceeds anyone's daily required calorie intake. [Image: smile.gif]
KyrieEleison Wrote:How do you calculate the amount of calories on home cooked meals?

I can't even imagine how delicious a home-cooked Polish meal would be! Yum. [Image: gimmefood.gif]
Congrats Brogan! 
Wowee. I definately need to lose weight. Thanks for the information.
eat organic.

no 'tv dinners' such as jenny craig and 'weight watchers'.

go vegetarian. gradually reduce your intake of meats and dairy products to the point you become vegan.

eat more raw foods, as cooking vegetables takes out the nutrients and minerals.

stay away from 'flavor enhancers' such as msg.

stay away from meat and dairy 'bi-products' such as 'rennet' and 'gelatin'.

drink only water and natural fruit juices. no soda, especially 'diet' sodas.

you really have to thouroughly educate yourself to realize what 'they' have done to our food supply (e.g. genetically modified foods)

i think some people get overly obsessed about weight-loss. the weight-loss industry rakes in billions each year, playing off of peoples insecurities.

someone once said to me that 'if you want to get rich, you should create a new diet pill, or start your own religion'.

another suggestion is that if you read the ingredients label, and you dont know what a certain ingredient is, or cannot even pronounce it, its probably best to avoid it.

read dantes divine comedy. look to the sufferings of the gluttons. those souls in purgatory who are there for gluttony, are tormented with extreme hunger and thirst. so hungry that they try to chew the air. there is also a tree which the souls can see and smell the fruits of it, but cannot reach the fruit, and so are forced to practice the virtue of 'temperance' which is the opposite of gluttony.

ernestus Wrote:go vegetarian. gradually reduce your intake of meats and dairy products to the point you become vegan.

I agree with the everything you said above except for this one. Actually, I agree on the dairy part to a certain extent, but going totally vegan seems too extreme in the other direction. Do you have a reason why you would recommend this and do you practice it yourself?
PaxTecum Wrote:
ernestus Wrote:go vegetarian. gradually reduce your intake of meats and dairy products to the point you become vegan.

I agree with the everything you said above except for this one. Actually, I agree on the dairy part to a certain extent, but going totally vegan seems too extreme in the other direction. Do you have a reason why you would recommend this and do you practice it yourself?

i am vegan. have been for 11 years now. i started out learning about health foods about that time, and went vegetarian, which gradually led to me becoming totally vegan. through research i found many disgusting practices, of which i shall not go into unless you want, what actually is in those types of foods. take milk for example. man is the only 'creature' who drinks the milk from another animal. most cows are fed a diet of growth hormones, anti-biotics, and other chemicals. just as a woman nourishes her infant with breast milk, that time goes away naturally. similarly, the cow is made to lactate for its entire existence, non-stop, through the use of chemicals. what mother here would want to breast feed any longer than necessary. those chemicals cycle through the food chain, into your breakfast cereal (which btw, most cereals in the supermarket are all made with gmo corn).

[Image: 200px-Cow_milking_machine_in_action_DSC04132.jpg]

as far as a persons cholesterol is concerned, if it comes from an animal, than it has cholesterol.

vegans may seem extreme, and often people think you limit yourself to a small menu, but this is not true.

its also not true that 'you gotta eat meat, you need your protien'. there are plenty of ways to get everything your body needs to function without eating animal products.

one other suggestion, which is probably extreme, is to fast. at least once a week, make a fast and drink only water, so as to allow your body to 'clean itself out'. this not only quiets the passions of the soul, but also saves you time and money :)

here is a link to an article about milk.
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