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Hey, Asian Fisheaters and lovers of Asian food! I tried to make sticky rice dessert yesterday and it didn't turn out quite the way it was supposed to. The recipe called for "Asian sweet rice," but I didn't find anything labelled that way in the Asian section of the grocery store, so I just used regular rice.

What is Asian sweet rice? Is it marketed under some other name? What brand name should I look for? Can I buy it at Kroger, or do I have to go to an actual Asian grocery store?
I think you'll have to go to some 'Asian' market to get it; I don't think there's much demand for it in a typical grocery store because people don't normally have a use for it.
Yes, the rice is actually sticky and actually is sweet(due to the sticky thingy).
Satori, check out this article on glutinous rice.
Thanks! Nice cooking with you!

Archbishop, I will now forever think of you in relation to a local restaurant. It was begun by a young man whose mother is Asian and whose father is, well, a white redneck. Consequently, in honor of both his heritages, he serves sushi ... with a side of tater tots. It's heaven.
Short grain Japanese sushi rice is sticky. My dh and I make sushi every once in awhile. One of our local grocery stores carries Nishiki and it worked really well.

Last night we made a beef and broccoli stir fry and I deep-fried some bean threads. That was the coolest thing ever, lol. I had so much fun I ran out. Then I deep-fried rice sticks. [Image: asianbow.gif]

Bean threads?
Satori Wrote:Bean threads?

Also called saifun or cellophane noodles. They are made from mung beans. If you soak them in hot water for 15-20 minutes, they become transparent then you just use them in a recipe. Deep-frying them makes a completely different animal. :laughing: They puff up immediately. In about 12 second, a handful becomes a plateful. It's almost as much fun as bubble wrap.The rice sticks (maifun) did the same thing.

[Image: 51FA4PM51BL._SL500_AA280_PIbundle-12,Top..._SH20_.jpg]

This is what they look like soaked then stir fried. They absorb flavor and color, but you can still see the glass-like quality:

[Image: 2551258914_0cba0c7b87.jpg?v=0]

And this is what they look like deep-fried (the fluffy white noodle nest is the bean threads) :

[Image: 12-07-05-salad.jpg]

I have been experimenting a lot because of an allergy kid. He loves them. He calls it alien food, as in outer space aliens.
Is that the kind of noodle used in Pad Thai?
Pad Thai?
OK, I googled. And no, the Pad Thai noodles are rice noodles. I would love to find some of them. I have a friend who is Thai and she brought me some homemade chicken soup with the flat rice noodles in it so my family could try it. They are really good. :)
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