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Full Version: Favorite Ice Cream
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Ben & Jerry's "Chunky Monkey", mmmmm. Banana ice cream with little banana shaped chocolate pieces and walnuts, mmmmm. And you can save two of the walnuts to kneel on afterwards for penance!
remnant Wrote:Haagen-daz, any flavor. I hate ice cream that uses corn syrup instead of sugar. I make my own with real sugar and real cream. And eggs.

Have you ever made ice cream the way this kid does? I want to try it, but I'll make sure to freeze it after I'm done shaking so that it doesn't turn to soup:

[Image: bluebell.jpg]
Green corn ice cream is great. I also like beer ice cream with wine syrup on it. But nothing beats paçoca ice cream:

Quote:"Paçoca de amendoim is a Brazilian candy made of ground peanuts, sugar, and cassava flour. Traditionally, peanuts were ground in a mortar, but now blenders and food processors can be used in the preparation of homemade paçoca.
In northeastern Brazil, paçoca is the name of a salty dish that mixes sun-dried meat, cassava flour and seasonings, ground in a mortar.
Ingredient proportions in paçoca de amendoim recipes vary, but many recipes work with a 2-2-1 balance: 2 cups ground toasted, peeled peanuts, 2 cups sugar, 1 cup cassava flour and a pinch of salt. Corn flour can also be used.
The mix of ingredients is then pressed into paper cups, or pressed into a pan, then cut into squares.

Paçoca is a dry sweet and first-timers should try it with a drink at hand. Left as a powder, paçoca is used as a topping for ice cream. Some people also like it sprinkled on goiabada - a very sweet combination.
Pronunciation: pa-SOH-ka

Haagen Daz Deep Chocolate Peanut Butter..The chocolate in it is sooo is almost black.[Image: thumb.gif]
Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Blue Bunny Grape Nuts Ice Cream- I had it once in Maine at my grandparents house, but alas, they do not have it here in California. It is a rich, creamy vanilla with grape nuts stirred in- they must let them sit in the soft ice cream for a while because they are softer- not rock hard like they are right out of the delicious!
BTW, the first word in the thread title is properly spelled 'favourite'![Image: laff.gif]
jovan66102 Wrote:BTW, the first word in the thread title is properly spelled 'favourite'![Image: laff.gif]
hehehe so it is eh?
we need a canadian smiley
Lemon gelato... heaven.
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