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Full Version: Anyone from Louisiana
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Hey everyone...I live in Baton Rouge, LA...while we are supposedly the 2nd most densely populated Catholic state...there doesn't seem to be a bunch of Catholics least those who take their faith I was wondering if there are any like minded, traditional Catholics who might live in Louisiana...or even be in the Baton Rouge area...I would love to hear from you. Thanks, Sonny
Hi, I live in Avoyelles Parish and am going to Our Lady of Sorrows in Baton Rouge today. If you're there, I'll be the one in a black suit and blue tie.
Hey...sorry I missed you.  I have been sick...I was getting better with this sore throat and then I relapsed.  It is great hearing from you..I have never been to is it?  I usually go to the EF at St. Agnes...they have the TLM at 9:30 AM every Sunday.
I'm in Louisiana.
Well OLOS is an SSPX chapel and basically my home parish now. I go there every Sunday I don't have to work. The Mass itself isn't exactly what I prefer because it seems kinda rushed, but it's way better than any Novus Ordo (that's for sure). What is "EF"?
Extraordinary Form...The Pre-Conciliar Tridentine Latin they offer at OLOS....however, it is an Indult...completely sanctioned and approved by the Diocese...MSGR Bergreen is a wonderful priest...he is the one that celebrates the Mass there...and it is done reverantly and last about 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes...I highly recommend it.
Maybe one Sunday I'll make both, as OLOS Mass isn't until 12:30. Are confessions heard in the traditional rite prior to Mass at St. Agnes?
Yay! Fellow Louisianians! :D  I'm in Lafayette, but I've attended St. Agnes a few times with a friend of mine, as well as St. Peter's in Carencro at their Traditional Mass.
Go Louisiana!
I want to try that Louisiana Bayou wrap at Popeyes.
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