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Full Version: Trad Friends & Mass in Edmonton
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Since becoming a Catholic in 2005 I have only ever attended one Latin Novus Ordo Mass (It was said by a former parish priest in my Godparents house for my birthday!) and a few Ukrainian Catholic Masses in town. In my opinion these masses were a vast improvement over the usual Novus Ordo masses around here, but I have still yet to attend a Latin Mass in the extraordinary form. The problem in the Archdiocese of Edmonton is that it's very difficult to attend to attend such a mass. We have an FSSP priest come out once a week to celebrate such a mass at in Edmonton Maronite Church, however both I and Jovan find it virtually impossible to attend such a mass. Similarly the SSPX alternative isn't much of an improvement either.

Therefore I was thinking that we trad minded catholics in the area should get in touch with one another, and cobble some cash together and see if we can lure a trad priest up here to stay overnight one weekend and celebrate a Tridentine Mass for us at more suitable time and place for us to attend. Any thoughts on the idea?

Plus I would wager that this form of collaboration would have the side effect of creating new friendships and strengthen existing ones :D
Hello from an ex-Edmontonian now living in Ontario. I went through RCIA there (never realizing how horridly liberal it was lol). I was in Edmonton for a wedding at St. Joe's Basilica last year and the most memorable experience was being told to watch my bags because 'we are a downtown church.' Sad...

Anyhow good luck with getting the TLM in Edmonton somewhere- with tons of Ukranians in AB you may be better to go with the Eastern Rite.
I am in the same boat.  I live in edmonton and valid mass is just about impossible here.

The SSPX is the closest thing but them being a fence sitting group.... I am not interested in a broken kneck.

I have begun to research the eastern rite.  Hopefully the nullifying effects of V2 haven't infected the eastern. 

Otherwise I have just about given up.

I am really suprised that they dont have a decent mass up there, Edmonton isnt exactlt tiny. Im in Calgary and attend the SSPX church here, can you get to Rocky mountain house maybe/ they have one there as well. You should call my church and ask the priests to come up, they do trips usually once a month to different places, i bet they might come up there.
There are two FSSP Masses in Edmonton.  You should check them out!

I know from someone that there are numerous Ukranian Catholic churches in the Edmonton area. From what I've read, Alberta seems to be somewhat of a Byzantine Catholic stronghold.
Well Jovan finally made it to a Trad mass in the city, but as yet I have failed to lose my Trad virginity  :laughing: Oh well better stick with the Novus Ordo and the occasional Ukrainian Catholic Mass for now  :(