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Full Version: One more Gaza thread...
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OKinyobe Wrote:Alright.
I am not going to entertain any fantasies about the Illuminati, or Five Jew bankers, or the Loch Ness monster or whatever somebody believes. I'm simply going to post some articles and you do the research yourselves. When you have a minute, ask yourselves why you feel sorry for a hateful group of people who use their own children to kill people they don't care to meet, and if Christendom stands a chance with them.

Hamas information.

Hamas is selling the humanitarian aid Israel gives them.

Hamas is pushing Christians out of Bethlehem.

And here.

And here.

A whole list of Hamas wrong-doings here, particularly one where a disabled boy is used as a suicide-bomber (correct me if I'm wrong but Israelis don't use people that way).

Egypt's mistreatment of the Palestinians.

Also here.

Egyptians shoot at Palestinians.

Children are being taught hatred.

How about the real fact that Israel owns America?
How about showing me a link to the powerful lobby of palestine?
How about your apparent ignorence that there are CHRISTIANS in Gaza
How about the fact that the Vatican is siding with the Gazans?
How about your lack of info on the Chosenites (Israeli) attrocities and bigotry, and educating their young to hate non jews?
Or how about the Lavonne affair?
Or How about the USS Liberty
Or How about convicted Israeli spies in US Jails?

As John Stewert rightly called it....the Mobius strip of news stories.....all one sided.
[Image: tol-logo.gif]From The Times