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Full Version: KC FE Meetup!
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Fisheaters in Kansas City, you know who you are.  I know who a few of your are, too.

Put it on your calendars: Thursday, February 5 at 5:00.  We're meeting at Jazz at 39th & State Line Road by KU Med-- in the "Jimmy's Jigger" bar on the West side of Jazz.

Be there or be a Novus Ordinarian!
Ooh, maybe I should come. What will y'all be doing?
phnuggle Wrote:Ooh, maybe I should come. What will y'all be doing?

Meeting up!

Like speeches and nominations for club historian and stuff?  Be my guest.  I'm retaining my position as treasurer since it's a multi-year appointment.

Other than that, I predict beer and gumbo.  Repeat.
Ah, sounds like fun lol.
I will be there.
How many FE's are from the KC area?
I can think if 7, maybe 8 or 9 depending on how big you're willing to draw the "metro area" lines.
I'd like to come but I can't make it that night.   Jimmy's Jigger is a fun place wish I could go.

btw, I live in Overland Park,  God's country.

As a Kansas City ,Missouri resident, I vote for excluding anyone from Overland Park. Only true Kansas Citian's should be able to attend. Not pretenders. :P

P.S. I should hopefully be able to make it. Providing I don't have to work. I vote for having cake!
I wish I could make it, but I doubt I will be able to due to family, work & school obligations.  Have fun, though!
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