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Full Version: Prayers for Our Retiring Bishop and Future Bishop
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Scott Wrote:

Thank you for posting this link.  It is a good and holy reminder to pray for our bishops.  The 'yung-un' trads would find it interesting to go back and read some letters to the editor in diocesan papers, and other sources, from the 40's and 50's (I had the occasion to sort through some old papers of a relative, wish I could have archived some of the material, but I was moving at the time, so it got recycled).  Bishops weren't appreciated or highly thought of much more then, then they are today.  But, they are the ones called to be our shepherds (or allowed to be in that position) through the sometimes mysterious to us, yet infinite design of God.

I'm in no way suggesting one be uncritical of certain successors of the Apostles when one feels it warranted (and informed by proper discernment and much prayer), but by the grace of episcopal orders they deserve our respect and prayers.  Above all, especially for those who feel the Church is experiencing perilous times, but for everybody, we should pray that good, true, and holy shepherds are sent to us.
This one's for you, Geremia: