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Full Version: National Catholic Distorter: Trads are the "Catholic equivalent of Civil War reenacters"
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spasiisochrani Wrote:The typical Novus Ordo Mass is sort of a 1970s reenactment. 
[Image: laff.gif]
kjvail Wrote:I think I prefer the Catholic S.C.A. lol....

What a bunch of maroons...

Amen to that.

Still, though.... Catholic Civil War re-enacting.... hmm.... I think more Catholics should be steampunk.
As a trad and Civil War reenacter, I really don't know what to make of this...
StevusMagnus Wrote:  
Benedict apparently thinks unity lies in looking backward and accommodating those who denounce the major work of the church in the modern age. Let them go. The future lies elsewhere.
National Catholic Reporter February 6, 2009

 Know what the future of the NCR/America/Commonweal beatniks holds? Look to the Episcopalian Church for an indication. 
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