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Full Version: Link to Original Swedish Documentary (English Version)
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I think this video will help the SSPX in Sweden more than it hurts it.
Thanks for posting this, I wanted to see it in English...

From watching it, I can now see that it was a totally planned "hit piece" probably contrived by the Muslim interviewer and the lesbian author.

The SSPX is very naieve because they thought it was about strictly religious issues and the conversion of the Lutheran Pastor, but it is clear it is a hit against right wing religious movements and Bishop Williamson.

I wonder if the Pope watched this? He would clearly see the hatred of true Catholicism coming through.... the watered down, weak and wimpy modern NewChurch gets a pass, but if you truly believe what the Church taught, you are in big trouble....
Most of the video was pretty interesting, as I got a glimpse into seminary life, as well as previously unseen (by me) video of the Second Vatican Council. Obviously, though, the interviewer was biased going into his interviews, and I think he wanted to confirm what he already believed. I don't think the Society's image would be necessarily hurt - up to Bishop Williamson's interview - except for those parishoners described as extremists.

"Tolerance is very good but when you're accepting people..."

Once again, the virtue of "tolerance" can only go so far, and so it only refers to (or admits of) one's accepted view. Interesting...

I also think that Bishop Williamson should have thought more carefully whether or not to even address the Holocaust, knowing quite well that it was against the law to go against the official version.

The latter part of the video seems to advocate the idea that other Christian churches should not allow the SSPX into their parishes in order to celebrate Holy Mass. Notice how the interviewer only played part of the Williamson interview to the chaplain (of Stockholm)?

Anyway, I think Archbishop Lefebvre was prophetic in mentioning the Muslims moving into Europe. If it hasn't happened already, then I don't see a bright future for Western civilization (it's certainly taking a hit here in America). [Image: afraidsmiley.gif]

After "ratting out" the Society, the interviewer asks, what will happen to the growing congregation of Sweden? As if he actually cares... [Image: rolleyes.gif]
Telemaque Wrote:I think this video will help the SSPX in Sweden more than it hurts it.

I agree. A community of 200 people which elicits such attention from a country of millions is bound to grow dramatically and quickly. If only 2% of the people who watched that program bothered to investigate and discover what the SSPX really stands for, interest is sure to grow.