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Full Version: Father Schmidberger defends Bishop Williamson
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Quote:EXTRA: SSPX spokesman backs Holocaust-denier Williamson,extra-sspx-spokesman-backs-holocaust-denier-williamson.html

Berlin - The German wing of the ultra-conservative Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX) declared Thursday its support for Bishop Richard Williamson, whilst distancing itself from his anti-Holocaust rhetoric.

Asked if someone who denied the destruction of Jews by the Nazis could still be a brother, German SSPX superior Father Franz Schmidberger said, "as long as he recognizes the Catholic dogmas.

Yes, of course."Speaking in an interview with German SWR television to be aired Thursday, Schmidberger dissociated himself with Williamson's claim that Jews were not killed in gas chambers.

However he said this was to be considered as a separate matter from the pope's readmission to the church of four SSPX bishops, of whom one is Williamson. Schmidberger spoke against a dialogue between Christians and Jews, saying this was not a road to salvation.

"Christ deliberately sent his apostles into the world, in order to convert all the world, including the Jews, to him," he said.

Pope Benedict's decision last month to re-admit Williamson, along with three further bishops illicitly ordained by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1988, caused an uproar, especially in the pontiff's native Germany.

Chancellor Angela Merkel added her voice to the debate Tuesday, when she called on the pope to speak out bluntly on Williamson's denial that the Nazis killed 5 million to 6 million European Jews during the Second World War.

The SSPX superior criticized the involvement of Merkel, a Lutheran. "She doesn't understand it," Schmidberger said. "After all, she is not Catholic and it's not really her business to get involved in the internal matters of the church.
Butt out Merkel! Way to go Fr. Schmidberger!
I love how the MSM gets in "holocaust denier" in almost every single reference to Williamson. Such newspeak. I just hope it is evident how obvious their game is.

Imagine if a paper rattled off "Obama, supporter of infanticide, held a press conference today.." And that would actually be true! They are such snakes.

Regardless I have much respect for Schmidberger. He made the key distinctions here and previously pointed out what true anti-semitism was, defined it, and condemned it. He expressed the Society's disagreement with Williamson's factual opinion, but separated it from the faith. He restated the Church's goal to convert Jews, not mentioned since 1958, plus he rightly points out that Lutheran heads of state are ignorant and have no dog in this fight.

He nailed it.

But to the press he simply "defended a Holocausr Denier", which is a distortion on so many levels it would take a book to defuse them all.

StevusMagnus Wrote:I love how the MSM gets in "holocaust denier" in almost every single reference to Williamson. Such newspeak. I just hope it is evident how obvious their game is.
Yes the endless repetition serves the purpose of brainwashing. I think some people discount statements from the controlled media and others mindlessly slurp it up. Personally, I just laugh at it.

I am happy to see that Fr. Schmidberger retains his courage and spirit of resistance. It is a good sign that the Society will pass through this media tantrum with its sanity and unity intact.

I especially like how he defended the Pope by smartly criticizing the attackers. His Holiness needs an up-swell of support like this from SSPX, FSSP, bishops, and all quarters of the Church.
I am glad to read that the SSPX leadership is not caving in to the media over this.

His responses are articulate, clear and reasonable.... I especially love that he said that the Jews, like everyone else, need to convert, because this is the real point at issue between the SSPX and the Vatican and of course between the Vatican and the Jews.

Due to the ambiguity of V2, some prelates are claiming the cause to convert Jews has been abandoned, but of course anyone with an ounce of understanding of the faith knows this can't possibly be the case. Becauae Christ Himself told the apostles to preach beginning from the Jews.

I also admire Fr. Schmitdberger for telling Merkel to mind her own business.
columba Wrote:Way to go Fr. Schmidberger!

At least we know two of the SSPX high leadership are not backing to the demands of the world. Laus Deo!