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Full Version: Laughing With The Saints
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Fr. Martin is an associate editor for America magazine.  Surprisingly, given the usual stance of that magazine, he often gives good talks on Catholic topics.

Here is a series of videos from a talk he gave on the importance of humor and joyousness.

this was great! thanks for the post :smile:
So we should give Billy Joel a call.
Fisheaters to Luigi, come in Luigi. Over.
ggreg Wrote:Fisheaters to Luigi, come in Luigi. Over.

"Humor is an essential element of the spiritual life."
I found this effect very funny.  Its called the Thatcher effect and demonstrates a point about facial recognition.  It was on a British Comedy Panel Show called QI

Both photographs of Margeret Thatcher's face are upside down.  Now turn your head or monitor upside down and look at them again.

[Image: thatcher2.gif]

The human brain adjusts the upside down image for what it expects to see and reverses the other parts in your mind's eye.

My traditionalist Catholic priest gave me a very good book named "This Is The Faith" by Canon Francis Ripley, and I believe it had a section on the role of humor in Catholicism. It's a very traditional book, by the way.