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Full Version: right now on "Should the Catholic Church expel..."
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"Should the Catholic Church expel the bishop who denies the Holocaust?"

Currently, 85% of voters say yes. Let's remind them that the Church is not a democracy.


I didn't know they cared about the Church's internal affairs. I thought they'd be more busy these days praising their messiah, mr. Obama.

CNN has moved far left. One can imagine the politics of the average visitor to that site.


Just voted no.

Front page, about halfway down.

Why is anyone on this site watching the CRAP on CNN anyway!
CNN? They're still around? It's been ages since I've watched that station.

Telemaque Wrote:CNN has moved far left.

CNN has long been quite liberal. Ted Tuner has openly called Christianity, "a religion for losers." Christians themselves don't fare much better as, "a bunch of Jesus freaks." We Catholics may indeed be a bunch of "losers" in the sense we're all big sinners, and hopefully our dedication to Christ is very strong (perhaps this is what "freak" means), but something tells me Tuner didn't mean his comments like that.