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Full Version: "Legal charges leveled against Williamson on Tuesday in Argentina"
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PaxVobiscum Wrote:"The lay people's committee of the Catholic diocese of Paderborn called Tuesday for SSPX groups to be put under police surveillance to establish if they were a threat to democracy in Germany."

Now that is scary.  [Image: afraidsmiley.gif]

I wonder if Joseph McCarthy would sponsor them if he could.

Marisa Wrote:Please say three Aves for Bishop Williamson when you read this!
________________________________________________________,,401....Holocaust | 10.02.2009 Holocaust Revisionist Put Under Pressure by Church, Courts  
[Image: 0,,4004717_1,00.jpg] The superior of an ultra-conservative Society of St. Pius X called on Richard Williamson to "correct" his denial of the Holocaust. The move comes as Argentina, where Williamson resides, filed suit against him. 

Bernard Fellay, who heads the ultra-conservative Society of St. Pius X, said Richard Williamson "should study the historical facts quickly and correct his false statements -- the sooner the better," the online version of the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel reported Tuesday, Feb. 10.


There has been outrage, especially in Germany, over Williamson's claim to a Swedish television interviewer that there had been no gas chambers at Nazi concentration camps and "only 200,000 to 300,000" Jews had died in the camps.


Fellay, 50, said he told Williamson to "correct this nonsense" as soon as he saw the interview.


"It should not have needed a papal demand to do so," Fellay said, adding that he had suspended Williamson as head of the SSPX seminary at La Reja, Argentina, on Jan. 31. "I have forbidden him to make further public statements without my permission."


Possible prison sentence