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Full Version: Listen to Card. Rigali 6pm est on Bp. Williamson
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Cardinal Justin Rigali will on the Dom Giordano radio show this evening 6pm eastern time.  Giordano is one of the radio hosts with very little intellectual firepower and a lot of hate towards Bishop Williamson referring to him as a "bigot." 

Giordano in his promos for the show has said he will ask the Cardinal for his thoughts on Bishop Williamson.

You can listen online from this link.  The upper right hand side of the page has the "listen live" marker.

A more barable alternative will be Michael Hoffman, who will be speaking on the Genisis Communications Network at 11pm Eastern Time (8pm Pacific). More info here (under News Bureau):
I'm going to try and not pick up the phone and try to call in since I don't know if I can keep a lid on myself I've been so frustrated. 

(anybody capable of doing it, please call.  My father heard a few friends of the bishops call and handle Michael Smerconish very well.  When the hosts don't get the replies they want, they tend to end the subject and move on.)

But I am curious as to whether the Cardinal Archbishop is going to sit there and say nothing if this little man with a big mouth and laizze faire way of thinking is going to trash Bishop Williamson. 

I'm hoping he'll behave properly to his office. (hope springs eternal)
I'm trying to record it to MP3.  If it comes out, I'll post it.
He just said Cdl. on at 7pm EST. Now he's pimping the Catholic Cemetaries of Philadelphia.

I already have a headache from this guy's blather.  It reminds me why I stopped listening to talk radio except for Coast to Coast AM [Image: hat-tin-foil-smiley.gif]
Thanks Quis.

He just said that the Cardinal will be on at 7pm.   "Smoke 'em if you got 'em."

He's going over his other topics.  Interestingly he's now credibly taking hold of a "conspiracy theory" to undermine the economy that he wants to explore. 

Last time he spoke on Bishop Williamson he was focusing on the bishop's 9/11
conspiracy theory.  Someone pulled the quote referring to it from the Orwell lecture in London.  Giordano didn't even consider that the bishop was referring to the police state growing in London and to a lesser degree in the U.S.  Callers called in and after making their required slur against the bishop's sanity, were saying, "But there is a bit of truth in what he said."  Giordano was ready to pull his hair out it seemed and he quickly "wanted to expand the discussion past this one bishop." 

This interview should be distributed to the SSPX in order to see the lies they are going to have to put up with during the "doctrinal discussions." 

For a non-combative Cardinal, I've never experienced someone so capable of dodging the truth. 

The new narrative about the SSPX wanting to come into the Church and being sorry is in, the Rosary Crusades, the 2 pre-conditions are out.  But it was most evident in how the bishop after calumniating bishop Williamson wasn't willing to say the basic truth:  You can't be excommunicated for disagreeing with the "Shoah." 

And everything has to do with Vatican 2. What I sometimes think they are really saying is that they will have to accept and preside over happy clappy, guitar, techno teen Masses in order to be fully Catholic. That won't happen!. They all talk about re-excommunicating +Williamson. But what about excommunicating Pelosi for allowing genoside (abortions) happening today and considering herself an ardent Catholic. Is that not heresy?. I still feel a Vatican 3 should be called. Then we can all talk about Vatican 3 vs Vatican 2. I love how he dodged the Hollywood question a bit. Of course he is a Cardinal. If your rich, wealthy, popular, you to can invite a Cardinal to your home and talk about liberalizing the Catholic Church!.
bkovacs Wrote: I love how he dodged the Hollywood question a bit. Of course he is a Cardinal. If your rich, wealthy, popular, you to can invite a Cardinal to your home and talk about liberalizing the Catholic Church!.

Not only that, he's bragging about having an Imam and others over at the Cardinal's residence tomorrow so they can talk about moral issues they agree upon.  I guess the salvation of souls is not worth talking about. 

And he acts like Cardinal Kaspar isn't a heretic!  He actually cites Kaspar against Williamson.
OK, I didn't have a chance to listen to it, but I do have it recorded.  I'll edit it down to just the interview with the Cdl and find a way to post it later tonight.
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