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Full Version: Seventh Annual Clear Creek Monastery Workday and Pig Roast, March 7, 2009
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If you live in OK, or nearby, come on over!


Three weeks to go to the workday. It sounds like a lot of families are coming this year. We are still short work guides and workers if we are going to get to the 400 number. We need you to recruit your friends. Bama Pie has donated the biscuits and the pies again this year. We ordered a large pig, a small pig, ten lambs and a 100 lbs of brisket. We will have the same potatoes and beans, as well. It should be a feast. If we get more than 400, we will have hamburgers as backup. You do not have to worry about the food for lunch and you definitely do not have to worry about the work - there is more than enough to go around.

We will need sledge hammers to drive 640 rebar posts into the ground. Even if you do not plan on swinging it, bring one for someone else. Handsaws, gloves, chainsaws, fence repair materials, fence stretchers, pliers, heavy equipment, four wheelers, trailers, four wheel drive trucks, bulldozers or tractors. It is all needed, but your presence is the most critical. We need all kinds of volunteers - the oldest participant was 84 so far, the youngest under 6.

This could be the biggest Monastery Workday we have ever had....I think. We are going to cook enough food for 400 people (be sure to bring snacks and drinks for the field), twice the record attendance we had last year, but we need you to bring your friends and email your network. We need help in the fields and in the kitchen. The kitchen is recruiting for setup, serving and CLEAN UP!!! Send me an email and i will forward it to the cooking crew. If you cannot come and would like to participate, we could use funds for food, tools for the workers and fencing supplies.

The first $600 of the farm income went for some of the food. A $500 donation from the Knights of Columbus Council 1104 Bowling competition will also go for food.
For those of you planning on coming down Thursday or Friday, there is plenty of floor space and a few beds (bring sleeping bags either way) in the old monastery buildings (South for Women and North for Men). Other than the floor space near the fire place, the cooks will have the house occupied, including the kitchen, Friday through lunch on Saturday. Plan on bringing prepared foods. Do not plan on cooking any meals in the kitchen until Saturday night.

Of course, chain saws, brush clearing and fence repair will be important. Acres and acres of trees are on the ground to be cut up and burned or stacked for wood. In addition, Br. Joseph has planned cross fences totaling four miles. We need to cut and plant 650 four foot sucker rod stakes into the ground and stretch 12 miles of wire and hook the wire to 1950 clips to hold the wire. To get all of this done, we need more people. When you have more workers, you need more workers to serve the workers. We need all kinds of help. All ages, energy levels and skill sets will be utilized.

Let's make this the biggest Monastery Workday ever!!!

This is a project for women who always wanted to participate in the workday. Coordinate a group and send Dean an email. We do have some projects for about 12 men and women at the Nun's facilities. Dean Bennett is coordinating the work effort for the Nuns. They are located across the road from the main entrance of Clear Creek Monastery. You may contact Dean Bennett at Be sure to sign up on the website to keep up to date and get counted for the pig roast at Clear Creek.

7th Annual Clear Creek Monastery Workday, Saturday, March 7, 2009.

Please, forward this message (Friends, Churches and Schools).
Please, organize your own groups.
More information and registration at:

I hope you will stay connected even if you cannot participate. Your efforts are appreciated. You will be doing us a favor by talking about the event and encouraging others to attend. There is a good time for everyone.
Seventh Annual Clear Creek Monastery Workday and Pig Roast
Saturday, March 7, 2009
7:30 AM Coffee and breakfast snacks
8:30 AM Work begins
12:00 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Work Resumes
5:00 PM Check in Supplies and Tools
6:00 PM Vespers

We need over 200 to 400 volunteers - all skill levels needed. Organize a group, friends or come on your own. Church Groups, Scouts, & Knights welcome. Come down Friday and stay until Sunday Bring Pillows, Blankets, Sleeping Bags Lots of floor space and the only time camping is allowed. Build, Cut, Chop, Burn and Eat and Eat and Eat.... It will all be fun.....we may have some surprises! Great event for all ages: Plenty for the whole family to do. SAFETY WILL BE FIRST. We need work guides and kitchen help.

For more information and to sign up for the workday at: or contact Dan Doyle at or 918-906-8600.

We will have the customary pig and we will again be roasting 10 of the monks lambs. We might even add some beef this year.. We are hoping for a record turnout this year. Don't worry, there will be plenty to do. I know it is late - we only have a few weeks until the next workday. We will try to make the workday rewarding and relaxing (with a little Advil).

WE NEED WORK GUIDES! My hope is to get the same work guides along with new work guides to help organize the event.. This role is critical to the success of the workday. Send me an email if you can be a work guide this year. See the responsibilities below. We will have a work guide orientation 2 weeks prior to the workday for a few hours to go over the tasks, locations and identify needed supplies.

Workday Volunteers: We are looking for at least 200 and could use 400 volunteers this year. Register at to get the emails and sign up for the workday. If you have trouble, send me an email at

We will need all the same skills and equipment. I am assuming there are a lot of new chain saws out there from the Tulsa ice storm last year. Teams will include Burn Teams, Weedkiller Teams (experienced only) and Seeding Team volunteers. We will need plumbers, welders, doctors, fencebuilders, brush clearing, etc..... We will need donations of money, seed, food, equipment and other items. We will need people to help prior to the workday, as well. Getting organized is a job in itself.
Everything I said last year, applies again this year. As many of you know, the affects of previous ice storms were devastating to the fencelines. Two years ago, the workday was successful in standing up all 12 miles of the fence and cleaning up many of the roads. Last year we built new fences and worked on some of the interior projects. We will do this again. We will also revisit the fencelines to repair damage from the limbs that have finally fallen from the canopy and damaged the fence, as well as clearing a fenceline road for the tractor. Br. Joseph has been communicating with the state about a land clearing program he has joined. To get the money he expects, they have described the clean up of the pastures and the cleared woods he needs to complete. We will move many of the teams to this task. Unless there is a burn ban, we will be building small burn piles and have trained Burn Teams supervising the burning of these piles. We could use some overnighters this year to monitor those fires over Work Guide Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the work guide is to get workers to the work sites, describe the work task to them and keep them from working too hard. SAFETY FIRST is the primary duty of the work guide. Prior to the workday, the work guide should get familiar with the tasks they are to accomplish and request the supplies they believe will be necessary to be successful. We will have many of the same work areas this year.
Daniel B. Doyle

Thanks for posting this.  Everyone who can, please try and go!!  

The monks at Clear Creek are my go-to guys for special Mass requests, and they give excellent service.  I highly recommend them.