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Has anyone ordered from here? Their prices seem too good to be true. Should I be suspicious? [Image: huh.gif]
Their prices don't seem too good to be true. They seem like the prices that are standard (see:,

I do not personally like to order from stores I don't know. You could use Angelus Press, Baronius Press or the FSSP bookstore if you wanted something trusted (I'd trust those) or (to support this forum:

There is probably little risk, but it seems more like a middle man than is necessary.
I have ordered from them many times in the past. I have never had any problems with them.
I just ordered a large order from them (The Liturgical Year), and it came in great shape, very quickly, and reasonably priced.  If you return something, I think there is a 15% restocking fee but I'm not sure.  Other than that little concern, I would highly recommend them to anyone.

They also have good prices on slightly damaged or one of a kind items.



I've bought lots of books from Mark. He is a stand up business owner.
We should all be ordering from to the benefit of Fish Eaters. Click the page-top link to learn how.
I ordered my Haydock Douay Rheims from them.

I'll give them a big thumbs up!

I ordered some books from them last year, and, as it turned out,  the order was shipped to the wrong address, not through my or the company's error, but the PO.  I never received the books and requested they either send me what I ordered, or refund my money.  I don't think he believed me, though, and he refunded my money.  About a month later, someone knocked on my door with the box, saying the box was delivered to them by mistake (it was addressed correctly).  I called the company immediately and had them recharge my card.  I still don't think he believed me.

I have placed larger orders from Canada, and had no problems.  The only issue was the amount of duty I had to pay (a border thing) which wasn't the fault of anyone.  Even with the duty, I saved money ordering from them.