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Full Version: Would you attend a talk by Bishop Williamson?
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Quote:Holocaust-denial Bishop Richard Williamson in line for speaking date

The Roman Catholic English bishop who denies the true extent of the Holocaust is expected to speak at a traditionalist church in north London in the near future, The Times has learned. Bishop Richard Williamson is understood to be considering giving a conference for traditionalist Catholics in the church hall at St Joseph and St Padarn, a Tridentine Rite church in Holloway, north London.
In an address there last summer he praised Pope Pius IX's encyclical Quanta Cura of 1864, a considered analysis of the ills of Modernism, a liberal Catholic movement of the era
A source told The Times that he “would not be surprised” if Bishop Williamson spoke there again in the near future. He said the bishop was willing to be “martyred for the faith and the truth”.

Bishop Williamson, a traditionalist Roman Catholic whose excommunication was lifted by Pope Benedict XVI last month to a chorus of international outrage, is understood to be staying with fellow priests at the Society of St Pius X in Wimbledon, south-west London.[...]
What a great idea. With his new celebrity status, Bishop Williamson should be able to draw a crowd. The Holy Father has cleared up any previous questions NO Catholics could have had of his being excommunicate or saying a forbidden mass. What a great way for introducing one's NO and non-Catholic friends and family to the genuine Catholic message.
His Excellency could give talks that would fill stadiums in major cities across the US.
If I could afford a ticket to England I would.
In a heartbeat.
No doubt about it.
I'd be there in a second. This whole uproar may just backfire in the end on the Judaics.
His Excellencies drinks on me!

You've all got to be kidding.  The man is a knucklehead, and the best thing Bishop Fellay could do would be to forbid him to speak in public ever again.
Check out these comments from the Argentine airport video. It looks like a star has been born!
Because a bishop, who let me remind you is a successor to the Apostles, said one thing that hurt the poor sensibilities of the Jews, he is now dubbed a "knucklehead?"  Wow...

I would attend a discussion led by Bishop Williamson in a heartbeat.  I'm sure that you or anybody else has said things in the past that you wish that you could take back - but what us normal folks have in our favor is the fact that what we say has no bearing on the media, but what a bishop says, especially about those poor ol' Jews, will be thrown in his face from now until the man leaves this earth.
columba Wrote:Check out these comments from the Argentine airport video.

Having seen that clip a number of times in the past day, Bishop Williamson should really look into getting better bodyguards. Those guys just gave up their half-heated restraining of that reporter, they weren't even trying (if they were bodyguards).
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