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Full Version: Photos: Priest uses *Super Soaker* to bless at Mass
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Why would Father think this is a good idea?  I mean, really.  What was going on in his head when he conceived this idea?!

I hope these pictures show up here.  I have some trouble with flickr on this internet connection.

Photos: Priest uses *Super Soaker* to bless at Mass
This is one of those "I wish it was a joke but it's legit" posts....

A priest blessed and used a super soaker during Mass at a Newman Center Mass on Sunday:
[Image: 3310658578_1e22c7142f.jpg]
[Image: 3310658564_41fba83d81.jpg]Not suprisingly, this liturgical abuse originates from the diocese of Rochester, a place well-known for its lack of episcopal oversight when it comes to these matters. The online bio of the priest:
Quote:A priest of the Society of Jesus, Fr. Richard is a native of Syracuse , New York , and resides in the Jesuit community at McQuaid Jesuit High School. His interests include Western and Eastern spirituality, meditation, prayer, liturgy, pastoral counseling and retreats. His academic degrees in political science and deep pastoral commitment to enhancing student life at RIT are fully expressed in issues of social justice and peace issues. A trained musician and artist, Fr. Richard enjoys preaching, teaching, and writing as well as working out, watching movies, and spending time in cyberspace.
*shakes head.*
Ph/t: Curt Jester.
[Image: prayer3.gif]

wow - I thought I'd seen it all but this takes the cake

All we needed to read was the word "Rochester". It explains everything.
or Palm Beach....more to the point a young Irishman at St. Rita's...he already uses the Baptismal Font as a Lazy Boy

I suppose both members of his congregation got soaked!
This is an outrage and a complete mockery of God and the Catholic Faith. Catholics should be infuriated by this lack of respect and mockery of God's power.

Wow, that made my day (sarcastic of course). 
un-fricking-believable![Image: hoppingmad.gif]
When I saw the title of this thread I thought "you have got to be freakin' kidding me" and hoped it was going to be a joke. I wonder if he got the idea from "The Lost Boys".
In a way, it's a little pathetic how out of touch this priest is: supersoakers were for 5-13 year olds growing up in the 90's. Now, with college kids, it's ridiculous. Few things are more annoying than old guys trying desperately to be "hip".
Father Jesuit,  Would Jesus use a Super-Soaker?
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