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Full Version: Radio Show about "the Williamson Affair" (MP3)
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This is the second hour of Jeff Rense's 3-hour radio show, aired 24 February of this year. It's well worth a listen as the guest has some insightful things to say about the hypocrisy and audacity shown by the media and some Jewish organizations pertaining to the matter.

The file is in MP3 format and requires patience; it will take some time to load or download to save to your hard drive (by right-clicking and choosing "Save Target As"). It might even take time for it to look as if your browser is even doing anything, so chill while it loads. The link:

Jeff Rense, Hour 2 of 24 February 2009 Broadcast

It was a very good episode.

GCN (where I heard Rense through) is a great outfit on the whole. Definitely worth listening to.
Thanks alot of this, it was very informative.

Especially when they explained that actually Israel is a rogue nation in many ways... defying UN resolutions, not signing the nuclear proliferation agreement, segregating the palestinians, causing wars etc etc.

And the essential point is that you can't question this nation's actions without being directly or indirectly called an antisemite or Nazi lover.

Oh the folly of the modern world!
awesome show these guys really nailed it.
Pretty informative but I noticed that host Jeff Rense compared this "affair" to going back to the middle ages, witch burnings, and the inquisition, which themselves are examples historical revisionist canards that protestants and anti-catholics bring up to attack the Catholic Church.

I applaud the host and his guest for challenging the "holocaust dogma" but he should now examine his own historical prejudices.

Go to:

for a good article explaining the inquisition.

Quote:About the notorious “witch hunts,” Borromeo again confirmed what scholars have been demonstrating for the last couple of decades. Most of the witch burnings of modern Europe (and there was almost none in the medieval period) occurred under Protestant tribunals, not under the Inquisition in Catholic countries. Quite the opposite, it was the Catholic Inquisition in Spain that often intervened to defend the women accused of being witches, just as it protected Jews from mob lynching frenzies. Here are some of the symposium’s figures: witches burned in Switzerland under Protestant tribunals: 4,000; in Spain under the Catholic Inquisition during the same period: 39 (ibid.).