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Full Version: (Non-polemic) Beati or saints who believed in an Old Earth?
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Disclaimer: this is not a debate, but a sincere request.

Fellow Fish Eaters,

John Paul II beatified and canonized many Catholics who lived in the second half of the nineteenth century, and in the first half of the twentieth (and Benedict XVI, albeit less frequently, continues to do so); do you know if any of these believed in an Old Earth?
Allow me to demonstrate my ignorance and ask what you mean by Old Earth.
Old Earth - the earth is billions of years old. A corollary of Darwinian theory.
I'm not sure if it matters whether they did or did not as long as they were consciously and willfully obedient to the Church's teachings.
I doubt it. This billions of years thing is fairly recent.
The Saints have many opinions about the natural world and their opinions on the matter are not any more important than those with equal education in the matter. The Saints have many backgrounds, some were scientists, but their sainthood is a result of their virtue on earth, not there study of God's creation.

I don't think you will find a saint that expresses such a belief though. It seems only saints that do work in the natural sciences ever state such opinions and they are rare.