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Full Version: Old Catholic Church?
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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if receiving Communion at an old Catholic Church Mass is valid. I was talked into going by a priest that I met in a catholic goods store. My husband and I went, and were surprised that it was being held in a Methodist Church. We both felt uncomfortable, but we decided to see how it was. There was only two other people, besides me and my husband. The priest did the mass in Latin.

Right now, I'm feeling a bit guilty and mad about this. The priest told us that he was a married priest- that he had converted to Catholicism many years ago, and was a clergyman in the Episcopalian church and decided to become a priest. He told us that it was his mission to find lost souls.

I did some research about the old Catholic Church and it said that they don't recognize the pope, and have married and female priests. Shouldn't he have told us that he wasn't a Roman Catholic? I feel like he deceived us. Please tell me what you guys & gals think, and most of all, do my husband and I have to go to confession?

I think you have every right to feel deceived and upset. No arguments about that. He should have been upfront. Nonetheless, Old Catholics do recognize the Pope, do have married and female priests (not all, depends on Bishop), and their orders are considered "valid yet illicit".
The Mass may or may not be valid.  The Old Catholic priesthood and episcopacy became so mixed up that, AFAIK, Rome judges them on a case-by-case basis if one decides to reunite with Rome.

If you didn't know what you were doing, I doubt it was sinful.  But, you can ask your priest to be sure.  I would just call him on the phone and ask if you need to go to Confession as long as you aren't too embarassed to talk outside of Confession like that.

If he said "Old Catholic" then he was upfront, though he may be betting on the fact people don't know what "Old Catholic" means.  So, maybe you were misled, maybe not.  But, what's important is that you know now.

I've met a few Old Catholic priests, and they generally seem to be good men.  We should pray that they reunite with the Church and serve under Her.
Stay away from them. 
Thanks to everyone for their insightful replies,

Quis, he didn't mention that he was part of the old Catholic Church, he did give us a flyer about where he said his mass would be, and that's where I saw the phrase. I thought that OCC meant that it was a more traditional parish. He did seem very traditional when I met him. He didn't like Vatican II, and believed that all Catholic should learn Latin.

We won't be going back there, that's for sure, but I will pray for him and the two others who attend his church.

How, exactly, does the Old Catholic Church differ from the Roman Catholic Church?
Munda_cor_meum Wrote:How, exactly, does the Old Catholic Church differ from the Roman Catholic Church?

They reject the First Vatican Council. Their individual congregations are mostly quite liberal but that varies. Some, as it appears was the case here, are similar to Western Rite Orthodox or some very traditional and high-church Anglicans.
Munda_cor_meum Wrote:How, exactly, does the Old Catholic Church differ from the Roman Catholic Church?

Originally, Old Catholics were 17th century Dutch Jansenists that broke from the Church. They were members of the see of Utrecht. In the 1870s, a group of German speaking Catholics left the Church over Vatican I and the dogma of Papal Infallibility. The later group joined up with the original Old Catholic group to form the Union of Utrecht to receive Orders since they didn't have a bishop.