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Full Version: Panorama: Maria Treu Church in Vienna
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While I'm much more into Romanesque and Gothic than Baroque, this is still gorgeous to me. First, from Vienna's website comes this description of the church seen in the 3-D, mouseable panorama at the link below (link to the Catholic Encyclopedia's entry on the Piarist Order added by me):
Quote:The Baroque church was built as church of the Piairisten Order in 1753. The Maria Treu Parish is an active and lively parish community with a manifold community life.
Like the founder of the religious order caring for children and teenagers is a priority to the order. A hall in the church where events take place is named after the founder of the order, Josef Calasanz.
The frescoes of Austria’s famous late-Baroque artist, Franz Anton Maulbertsch, are definitely worth visiting. Right next to the church there is a school and a kindergarten.
Wiki says that "Haydn’s Missa in Tempore Belli (Mass in Time of War, sometimes known as the Paukenmesse, or Kettledrum Mass) was first performed on December 26, 1796."

Anyway, on to the spectacular view. Check out that ceiling! Zoom in, zoom out, look up, look down...

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awesome church.  Too bad there's a table blocking the view of the high altar.
Thats stunning. I love Baroque. It reminds me of a time when Churches were built to glorify God and not man.
Spectacular.  Truly a Catechism in stone, in marble, in oak, in cedar -- for the honor and glory of God.  Through these the Catholic is taught how to give proper praise and thanksgiving to Our Lord  (in my opinion).
Why can't we do this anymore? How can the world have so many more people yet such a poverty of beauty?