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Full Version: Obama Takes Next Step to Scrap Protections for Pro-Life Doctors on Abortion
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Obama Takes Next Step to Scrap Protections for Pro-Life Doctors on Abortion

Washington, DC -- President Barack Obama has taken the next step to remove the new protections the Bush administration put in place to protect pro-life medical centers and staff who do not want to do abortions. The protections provided better enforcement for existing conscience laws for medical professionals.

The Bush administration put the protections in place after learning that medical centers and staff were facing increasing pressure to be involved in abortions despite three federal laws prohibiting such discrimination.

Obama officials had told media outlets that the president wanted to merely clarify the existing rules, but the administration published in the Federal Register a proposal to rescind the pro-life protections entirely.

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Obama sounds more like McCain all the time, doesn't he?[Image: pointandlaff.gif]
Large numbers of doctors, Catholic or otherwise refuse to do abortions. In fact PP has significant difficulty finding doctors that will do them. Here in IN for instance there is ONE local doctor that does abortions and that's because he has a horrible history of malpractice suits and no one else will hire him. There are two or three doctors that PP regularly flies in from out of state to help him.
My point is, the effect of trying to make doctors do abortions will result in an underground healing economy. There will be a dearth of candidates in med school and people will get skills elsewhere. It may create more use of non-modern medicine (which is not necessarily a bad thing).

DarkKnight Wrote:Obama sounds more like McCain all the time, doesn't he?[Image: pointandlaff.gif]

Pretty much..McCain may have been less proactive promoting, but had promised and acted many times prochoice or do nothing about it.......either way, neither was on the side of Life......
My math skills are terrible so just bear with me:

Let's assume one doctor in the hospital sees fifty patients a day, five times a week. That's 250 people he has treated a week, about 1000 patients a month. Given the deplorable rescinding of the freedom of conscience act, the aforementioned doctor might be fired or forced to quit. That means in just one month a thousand patients are affected, and their family, friends and communities, too. Spread this across the country.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say Obama was an evil man.