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Full Version: Church under attack in Connecticut
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The link for the bill in question is through the Diocese of Bridgeport's website.  It basically deprives bishops and pastors control of parishes in Connecticut.

Connecticut about to attack Catholic Church

I'm surprised California didn't come up with something like this.

A letter will be read at all Masses in the Bridgeport diocese tomorrow regarding this.  The utter chutzpah of these dopes in the state legislature!

I guess the state legislature never heard of freedom of religion.  [Image: shameonyou.gif]  I can't see this holding up in court but it will cost $$$ to fight it if it's enacted.
Effecticvely turning the diocese into a democracy.

Hans Kung would be proud.

the best course of action for the Church, were this to be enacted, would be to impose an interdict upon the state of Conneticut.  sadly, that won't be done, but it's precisely this type of thing that the power of an interdict exists for.
This being the HQ of the Knights of Columbus, I'd think there'd be a chunk of change to be spent to 'shoot this down'. The Knights put a lot of money towards defeating Prop 8-- I'd think that if they wanted to, these Nutmegger legislators mayn't have 'seen nothing yet'...
What happened to the oft-trumpeted 'separation of Church and State'?
Robhaidheuch Wrote:What happened to the oft-trumpeted 'separation of Church and State'?

They only support that if it's the Church trying to influence the state.
I spoke with two of the "good" reps in the state legislature today (one attends the TLM) and basically the homos that proposed this are wanting to  use it as a bargaining chip against attacks on their gay marriage bill that passed last year.

Unfortunately, the CT bishops have long tolerated homosexual priests in their ranks. The Rev. Michael Jude Fay immediately comes to mind. Maybe God is telling them in His own way that they'd better clean out their ranks soon..or else.

This bill won't go anywhere, but it is a case of incrementalism. 50 years ago, no one thought homosexual "marriage" would ever be legalized. 70 years ago, no one thought abortion would be legalized. 100 years ago, no one thought no fault divorce would be legalized. And so forth.
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