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Full Version: Public Comments on reversing the right of conscience for health care workers
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As a pharmacist with a conscience clause, this directly affects me as well.

Very important that comments are made regarding this attempt to usurp the freedom to follos one's conscience in this country; we no longer will be free.  We no longer will be free to practice our religion or to follow our moral convictions.  And the culture of death will bring a stranglehold on life itself with no life really having dignity. -----------------------

Public Comment on Removing Conscience Protections for Health Care Workers Starts TodayBy John-Henry Westen
WASHINGTON, March 6, 2009 ( - President Obama's proposal to rescind a policy that protects the conscience rights of health care workers has now been formally published in the Federal Register, thus opening the 30-day period available for public comment on the proposal.  Pro-life groups in the United States are urging concerned citizens to voice their concerns.
The policy, one of the last acts of the Bush Administration, protects health care workers from being forced to perform and provide controversial services that conflict with their personal, moral and religious beliefs.
Comments may be submitted by email at
According to the Proposed Rule comments should provide the following:
"1. Information, including specific examples where feasible, addressing the scope and nature of the problems giving rise to the need for federal rulemaking and how the current rule would resolve those problems.
"2. Information, including specific examples where feasible, supporting or refuting allegations that the December 19, 2008 final rule reduces access to information and health care services, particularly by low- income women.
"3. Comment on whether the December 19, 2008 final rule provides sufficient clarity to minimize the potential for harm resulting from any ambiguity and confusion that may exist because of the rule; and
"4. Comment on whether the objectives of the December 19, 2008 final rule might also be accomplished through non-regulatory means, such as outreach and education."