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Full Version: San Antonio, Texas -- Luminaria Arts Festival
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Actually, this event just passed last Saturday, but I decided to mention it here for denizens of San Antonio to think about for next year.

From the official website:

About Luminaria Wrote:Luminaria is San Antonio’s annual day- and evening-long celebration of the city’s artists, musicians, performers and cultural organizations. Initiated by Mayor Phil Hardberger in 2008 and overseen by San Antonio’s creative leaders, the event provides visitors and residents with a unique opportunity to revel in the city’s wealth of traditional and innovative cultural expression presented on stages, in theaters, galleries, and on the streets of downtown San Antonio. Building upon the success of its inaugural presentation, Luminaria 2009 is an even more ambitious undertaking, with more than 40 non-profit organizations and several hundred artists and performers representing every major discipline in the arts, from dance, theater, poetry readings, and music to painting, sculpture, film, and multi-arts projects. Presenting a combination of new and classical works, both invited and selected from hundreds of submissions and commissions, Luminaria 2009 will provide a comprehensive showcase of talent and creativity on a larger scale than any other city in the United States.
Luminaria 2009 will be on Saturday, March 14.
There were free outdoor performances downtown by the San Antonio Symphony, SA Vocal Arts Ensemble, Musical Bridges, the Renaissance Guild, the Metropolitan Ballet, various jazz and rock artists, fire-eaters, tradesmen such as glassmakers, street artists, and more. At midnight, there was a fireworks display.

And what kind of thread would this be if there weren't gratuitous amounts of pictures of my exploits?

In front of the Mission San Antonio de Valero, aka the Alamo, where I meet my fellow noble papist, Pablo Vazquez:

[Image: n890315611_6279279_6143754.jpg]

In front of the Cenotaph (a commemorative monument for fallen heroes of the Alamo), where I'm gesturing in the general direction of some item of interest:

[Image: n890315611_6279281_326765.jpg]

Some classy band:

[Image: n890315611_6279283_3850134.jpg]

In front of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, which had been converted into a contemporary art gallery for the evening. Here, I'm making the mistake of being a poster boy for Tradition in Action.

[Image: n890315611_6279285_73908.jpg]

We made use of good old-fashioned human labour to bring us back to where our horseless carriages were parked.

[Image: n890315611_6279286_2758144.jpg]

Being nowhere near San Antonio, and not sure where that is, it certainly looks like an entertaining event. The pictures make you look like a sinister French aristocrat, slumming it.
looks like fun!

but it's at night, and I rarely go out at night.

dakotamidnight Wrote:looks like fun!

but it's at night, and I rarely go out at night.

Actually, most of the events took place during the day. I was just unable to go out until night.

loggats Wrote:The pictures make you look like a sinister French aristocrat, slumming it.

I only look like one?