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Full Version: White House Reacts to Obama-Notre Dame Debate
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South Bend, IN -- The White House has issued a response to the intense debating heating up in response to the news that the University of Notre Dame has invited pro-abortion President Barack Obama to give the college's commencement address. Meanwhile, a pro-life petition opposing the move is gaining steam.

Obama has accepted an invitation from the Catholic college to speak to graduating seniors and Notre Dame will honor him with a conferred degree. Full story and action alert at:
The boycott was a good move worthy of any decent bishop... now, if he were to coordinate and lead a pro-life protest at the graduation itself, that would be a move worthy of a great Apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ... what he is doing now is pretty much the minimum that he should be required to do as a bishop, but were he to protest, that would be heroic

relatively it's above the minimum that we'd expect.

but absolutely, it's the minimum, and those bishops who would not make such a move are acting below the minimum they ought to be do doing as Roman Catholic Bishops.

I'm surprised that he isn't doing cartwheels an back flips just to get next to Obama knowing our modern clergy. Good for him.
By accepting, I think Obama is trying to put us in our place.  He's going to do whatever he darn well pleases, no matter who he has to step on.  Our Faith has no meaning to him, this Bishop means nothing to him, and he'll promote abortion no matter what we think.  He has the power.  It's going to suck to be him when God puts him in his place.  But good for the Bishop for making the attempt.  I'm sure he's cringing while he's doing it, but good for him anyway.
/I love having to "ignore" Obama in the spell check! [Image: biggrin.gif]